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What all are the unknown and awesome career oppertunity which i can get into?

Explain about new and wonderfull career oppertunity out there.

Asked On2017-11-04 06:06:25 by:scribed

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Blimp Pilot If you're like us, you grew up wondering who got to fly that Goodyear blimp that hovered over football games and other sporting events. In the future, it could be you! Flying blimps requires training and a certification, but yields salary of $70,000 and some excellent views. 

Unexploded Ordnance Technician Unexploded Ordnance Technician Have you ever wondered what happens to explosives that were not detonated? Wonder no more: unexploded ordnance technicians deal with them, and sometimes even get to blow them up! If that's your cup of tea, and you're willing to go through the intense requisite training, there could be $150,000 a year in it for you! 
Stunt Double Stunt Double If you don't mind taking a hit or two, and would consider yourself a daredevil, perhaps you would do well as a stunt double! If you've completed the necessary training and find your way into the right job, you could make upwards of $100,000 a year! 
Voice-Over Artist Voice-Over Artist You know those voices you hear in TV and radio commercials? You've probably always assumed they belonged to real people, but never thought twice about it, right? If you've got the talent, you could be one of them, and could get paid as much as $80,000 a year to do it!
Power Line Helicopter Pilot Power Line Helicopter Pilot If the sky is your playground, you could be in for a sizable financial reward! Helicopter pilots with more than 2,000 hours in the air could be qualified to fly close to power lines and inspect towers, and possibly make over $100,000 a year doing it! 
Greensman Greensman Did you know you could potentially make $84,000 a year to arrange plants on a film set? If you've got the artistic/horticultural qualifications and know-how, the job could be yours! Sommelier Sommelier You already consider yourself something of an amateur wine expert, so why not get into the business professionally? After rigorous training and certification, a job offering recommended pairings and traveling the world to source new wines could be yours, and it pays $51,000 a year or more! 
Video Gamer Video Gamer When your parents told you that video games won't take you anywhere, they may have been wrong. If you're good enough, you might be able to play for a professional e-sports team, and make $50,000 or more in the process! 
Crossword Puzzle Writer Crossword Puzzle Writer If you still get the paper for the crossword, you might be interested to know that the people who write those puzzles can make up to $70K a year. If you can get the puzzles done quickly, and utilize a varied enough vocabulary, the job could be yours! 
Ice Cream Taster Ice Cream Taster You'd like to be paid $60,000 a year to taste ice cream, wouldn't you? It won't be easy to achieve (as it requires a degree in food science), but doesn't unlimited ice cream sound lovely? 
Ethical Hacker Ethical Hacker If you fancy yourself a cyber security expert and want to make a living as a hacker, but want gainful employment without the legal risk, perhaps a career as an ethical hacker is the one for you. $140 thousand a year to help test and reinforce cyber security systems doesn't sound too bad, right?
Chief Listening Officer Chief Listening Officer That doesn't even sound like a job, right? These days, though, it's an increasingly important one. CLO's spend days watching social media platforms for mentions of their company, and using their marketing skills to assess the company's profile. They are rewarded handsomely for their services, making $95,000 a year or more! 
Race Engineer Race Engineer If you're incredibly qualified, have a profound understanding of and interest in race cars, the life of a race engineer (and its $130,000 a year salary) could be the one for you! 
Disneyland Face Character Disneyland Face Character If you fit the bill (height, appearance, and ability to impersonate a character well), you could make a living playing a character at a Disney theme park! At $32,000 a year, the pay is not excellent, but the job itself can be extremely rewarding! 
Food Stylist Food Stylist Have you ever wondered why the food you see in magazines and print ads looks so good? You can thank the food stylist, and if you're interested enough, perhaps become one! If you're qualified, this job pays well, possibly as much as $77,000 a year!

Answerd on:2017-11-04 Answerd By:metaphor

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