Business Regulations Notes

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Business Regulations Notes

How to study this subject

To introduce the students to various regulations affecting business and to familiarize
the students with such regulations.

Unit 1:
06 Hours
Introduction, nature of law, meaning and definition of business laws, scope and sources of
business law, fundamental rights and directive principle of state policies’ principles having
economic significance, an overview of business laws in India.

Unit 2:
14 Hours
Indian Contract Act, 1872:
Definition of Contract, essentials of a valid contract (all essentials
need to be explained in great detail), classification of contracts, remedies for breach of
Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930:
Definition of contract of sale, essentials of contract of sale,
conditions and warrantees, rights and duties of buyer, rights of an unpaid seller.

Unit 3:
10 Hours
Information Technology Act, 2000:
Introduction to Cyber Law in India, importance of Cyber
Law, E-Commerce, Paperless Society, Digital Signatures, cyber crimes, salient features of IT
Act, 2000, any two landmark judgments.
Right to Information Act, 2005:
Objectives of the RTI Act, its scope, suo moto disclosure,
method of seeking information, who is eligible to get information, Authorities under the Act,
RTE – Salient Features.

Unit 4:
10 Hours
The Competition Act, 2002:
Objectives of Competition Act, the features of Competition Act,
components of Competition Act, CCI, CAT, offences and penalties under the Act.
Consumer Protection Act, 1986:
Definition of the terms consumer, consumer dispute, defect,
deficiency, unfair trade practices and services. Consumer Protection Act, Consumer Redressal
Agencies – District Forum, State Commission, National Commission, any two landmark
judgments of the Supreme Court.

Unit 5:
10 Hours
FEMA 1999:
Objects of FEMA, definition of important terms – authorized Dealer, currency,
foreign currency, foreign exchange, foreign security, Directorate of Enforcement, salient
features of the FEMA, offences and penalties,
Environment Protection Act, 1986:
Objects of the Act, definitions of important terms –
environment, environment pollutant, environment pollution, hazardous substance and
occupier, types pollution, global warming, causes for ozone layer depletion, carbon trade, rules
and powers of central government to protect environment in India.

Prepare a chart showing sources of business law and Indian Constitution Articles having
economic significance.
Draft an agreement on behalf of an MNC to purchase raw materials indicating therein terms
and conditions and all the essentials of a valid contract.
Draft an application to the Chief Information Officer of any government office seeking
information about government spending.
Draft digital signature certificate.
Draft a complaint to District Consumer Forum on the deficiency of service in a reputed
corporate hospital for medical negligence.

Collect leading cyber crimes cases and form groups in the class room and conduct group
Draft a constructive and innovative suggestions note on global warming reduction.

1) N.D. Kapoor, Business Laws, Sultan chand publications.
2) K.R. Bulchandni: Business Laws,
3) S.C. Sharama & Monica : Business Law I.K. International
4) K. Aswathappa, Business Laws, Himalaya Publishing House,
5) K. Ramachandra and others, Legal Aspects of Business, Himalaya Publishing House.
6) Tulsion Business Law
7) Kamashi & Shrikumari, Business Law
8) S.S. Gulshan, Business Law 3rdEditionAdd contents here

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