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How to study this subject

1. Listening: 5
Listening & answering questions gap filling Listening and Note taking- Listening to telephone
2. Speaking: 5
Pronouncing words & sentences correctly word stress Conversation practice.
Classroom Session 20
1. Speaking: Introducing oneself, Introducing others, Role play, Debate- Presentations:
Body language, gestures, postures.
Group Discussions etc
2. Goal setting interviews stress time management situational reasons
(1) Lab Session 40 marks
 Listening 10 marks
 Speaking 10 marks
 Reading 10 marks
 Writing 10 marks
(2) Classroom Session 60 marks
 Role play activities giving real life context 30 marks
 Presentation 30 marks
Note on Evaluation
1. Examples for role play situations:
a. Marketing engineer convincing a customer to buy his product.
b. Telephone conversation Fixing an official appointment / Enquiry on
availability of flight or train tickets / placing an order. etc.
2. Presentations could be just a Minute (JAM activity) or an Extempore on simple
topics or visuals could be provided and students could be asked to talk about it.
1. Hartley, Peter, Group Communication, London: Routledge, (2004).
2. Doff, Adrian and Christopher Jones, Language in Use (Intermediate level), Cambridge
University Press, (1994).
3. Gammidge, Mick, Speaking Extra A resource book of multi-level skills activities ,
Cambridge University Press, (2004).
4. Craven, Miles, Listening Extra - A resource book of multi-level skills activities, Cambridge,
Cambridge University Press, (2004).
5. Naterop, Jean & Rod Revell, Telephoning in English, Cambridge University Press, (1987).
1. Teacher Console and systems for students
2. English Language Lab Software
3. Tape Recorders.

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