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You are here:Open notes-->VTU-->Computer-Networks---II---10CS64-VTU-notes

Computer Networks - II - 10CS64 VTU notes

How to study this subject

Subject Code: 10CS64
Hours/Week : 04
Total Hours : 52
I.A. Marks : 25
Exam Hours: 03
Exam Marks: 100
UNIT - 1
6 Hours
Packet Switching Networks - 1: Network services and internal network
operation, Packet network topology, Routing in Packet networks, Shortest
path routing: Bellman-Ford algorithm.
6 Hours
Packet Switching Networks 2: Shortest path routing (continued), Traffic
management at the Packet level, Traffic management at Flow level, Traffic
management at flow aggregate level.
6 Hours
TCP/IP-1: TCP/IP architecture, The Internet Protocol, IPv6, UDP.
8 Hours
TCP/IP-2: TCP, Internet Routing Protocols, Multicast Routing, DHCP, NAT
and Mobile IP.

UNIT - 5
7 Hours
Applications, Network Management, Network Security: Application layer
overview, Domain Name System (DNS), Remote Login Protocols, E-mail,
File Transfer and FTP, World Wide Web and HTTP, Network management,
Overview of network security, Overview of security methods, Secret-key
encryption protocols, Public-key encryption protocols, Authentication,
Authentication and digital signature, Firewalls.
6 Hours
QoS, VPNs, Tunneling, Overlay Networks: Overview of QoS, Integrated
Services QoS, Differentiated services QoS, Virtual Private Networks, MPLS,
Overlay networks.
UNIT - 7
7 Hours
Multimedia Networking: Overview of data compression, Digital voice and
compression, JPEG, MPEG, Limits of compression with loss, Compression
methods without loss, Overview of IP Telephony, VoIP signaling protocols,
Real-Time Media Transport Protocols, Stream control Transmission Protocol
6 Hours
Mobile AdHoc Networks and Wireless Sensor Neworks: Overview of
Wireless Ad-Hoc networks, Routing in AdHOc Networks, Routing protocols
for and Security of AdHoc networks, Sensor Networks and protocol
structures, Communication Energy model, Clustering protocols, Routing
protocols, ZigBee technology and 802.15.4.
Text Books:
1. Communication Networks Fundamental Concepts & key
architectures, Alberto Leon Garcia & Indra Widjaja, 2 nd Edition,
Tata McGraw-Hill, India
(7 - excluding 7.6, 8)
2. Computer & Communication Networks, Nadir F Mir, Pearson
Education, India
(9, 10 excluding 10.7, 12.1 to 12.3, 16, 17.1 to 17.6, 18.1 to18.3,
18.5, 19, 20)

Reference Books:
1. Behrouz A. Forouzan: Data Communications and Networking, 4 th
Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2006.
2. William Stallings: Data and Computer Communication, 8 th Edition,
Pearson Education, 2007.
3. Larry L Peterson and Bruce S Davie: Computer Networks A
Systems Approach, 4 th Edition, Elsevier, 2007.
4. Wayne Tomasi: Introduction to Data Communications and
Networking, Pearson Education, 2005.

Official notes

Computer Networks - II - 10CS64

e-NotesTopicSubject Matter Experts
Packet Switching Networks
Prof.K B Sulekha, Acharya Inst of Tech, B'lore
Packet Switching Networks - 2
Multimedia Networking
Dr. H S Ramesh Babu, AIT, B'lore
Mobile AdHoc Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. T G Basavaraju, SKSJTI, B'lore
Prof. C B Yogesh, Acharya Inst of Tech, B'lore

Applications, Network Management, Network Security
QoS, VPNs, Tunneling, Overlay Networks

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