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Click edit to start aBASIC THERMODYNAMICS (Common to ME/IP/AU/IM/MA) Subject Code : 10ME33 IA Marks : 25 Hours/Week : 04 Exam Hours : 03 Total Hours : 52 Exam Marks : 100 PART-A UNIT - 1 Fndamental Concepts & Definitions: Thermodynamics definition and scope, Microscopic and Macroscopic approaches. Some practi cal applications of engineering thermodynamic Systems, Characteristics of system boundary and control surface, examples. Thermodynamic properties ; definition and units, intensive and extensive properties. Thermodynamic s tate, state point, state diagram, path and process, quasi-static process, cy clic and non-cyclic ;rocesses; Thermodynamic equilibrium; definition, mechanical e quilibrium; diathermic wall, thermal equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, Ze roth law of thermodynamics, Temperature; concepts, scales, fixed points and mea surements. 06 Hours UNIT - 2 Work and Heat: Mechanics, definition of work and its limitations. Thermodynamic definition of work; examples, sign co nvention. Displacement work; as a part of a system boundary, as a whole of a system boundary, expressions for displacement work in various proces ses through p-v diagrams. 17 Shaft work; Electrical work. Other types of work. H eat; definition, units and sign convention. 06 Hours UNIT - 3 First Law of Thermodynamics: Joules experiments, equivalence of heat and work. Statement of the First law of thermodynamics, extension of the First law to non - cyclic processes, energy, energy as a propert y, modes of energy, pure substance; definition, two-property rule, Specific heat at constant volume, enthalpy, specific heat at constant pressure. Exten sion of the First law to control volume; steady state-steady flow energy equation, i mportant applications, analysis of unsteady processes such as film and eva cuation of vessels with and without heat transfer. 07 Hours UNIT - 4 Second Law of Thermodynamics: Devices converting heat to work; (a) in a thermodynamic cycle, (b) in a mechanical cycle. The rmal reservoir. Direct heat engine; schematic representation and efficiency. De vices converting work to heat in a theromodynamic cycle; reversed heat engin e, schematic representation, coefficients of performance. Kelvin - Planck statem ent of the Second law of Thermodynamics; PMM I and PMM II, Clausius statemen t of Second law of Thermodynamics,Equivalence of the two statements; R eversible and irrevesible processes; factors that make a process irreversible , reversible heat engines, Carnot cycle, Carnot principles. 07 Hours PART-B UNIT - 5 Entropy: Clasius inequality; Statement, proof, application to a reversible cycle. Entropy; definition, a property, change of e ntropy, principle of increase in entropy, entropy as a quantitative test for irre versibility, calculation of entropy using Tds relations, entropy as a coordinat e. Available and unavailable energy. 06 Hours 18 UNIT - 6 Pure Substances: P-T and P-V diagrams, triple point and critical po ints. Sub- cooled liquid, saturated liquid, mixture of satura ted liquid and vapour, saturated vapour and superheated vapour states of p ure substance with water as example. Enthalpy of change of phase (Latent heat). Dryness fraction (quality), T-S and H-S diagrams, representation of various pro cesses on these diagrams. Steam tables and its use. Throttling calorimeter, s eparating and throttling calorimeter. 07 Hours UNIT - 7 Thermodynamic relations: Maxwell relation, Clausius Clayperon's equation. Ideal gas; equation of state, internal energy and e nthalpy as functions of temperature only, universal and particular gas cons tants, specific heats, perfect and semi-perfect gases. Evaluation of heat, work, c hange in internal energy. enthalpy and entropy in various quasi-static proces ses. 07 Hours UNIT - 8 Ideal gas mixture : Ideal gas mixture; Dalton's laws of partial press ures, Amagat's law of additive volumes, evaluation of pro perties, Analysis of various processes. Real Gases: Introduction. Van-der Waal's Equation of state, Van-der Waal's constants in terms of critical properties, L aw of corresponding states, compressiblity factor; compressibility chart 06 Hours Data Handbooks : 1. Thermodynamic data hand book, B.T. Nijaguna. 2. Properties of Refrigerant & Psychometric (tables & Charts in SI Units), Dr. S.S. Banwait, Dr. S.C. Laroiya, Birla Pub. Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, 2008 TEXT BOOKS: 1. Basic Engineering Thermodynamics, A.Venkatesh, Universities Press, 2008 2. Basic and Applied Thermodynamics, P.K.Nag, 2nd Ed., Tata McGraw Hill Pub. 2002 dding content