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Vishwalaya- the Universal Temple, also called Ram Rams Paradise for Children, which now houses and educates more than 30 children, began with a single child, no buildings and no funds. When Ram Ram first came to Ravugodlu, he was a wanderer in search of meanings. He sat on the granite slopes of the hills or in one of the many caves. The village women, who had to go a long way off to work or to fetch water, one day decided that he could take care of their children while they were away. Ram Ram had neither roof nor means at that time, but when more children were entrusted to him, he simply put his trust in life and over the next two and half decades a little ashram grew and functioned around Ram Ram. Ram Ram used to say that he did not set up anything; he was only an instrument of a higher power. How could he have embarked on such a task, he would ask, when he himself did not know where his next meal - if at all any - was coming from? ?
The man and his mission:
Ram Ram was many things to many people but he did nothing to attract anybody. On the contrary, he could often be harsh, critical and downright rude if he thought you were not fit to be in the Paradise for Children. The one role he enjoyed was that of grandfather to the many children and the villagers of Ravugodlu. But many continued to regard him as a guru, a holy man, a sanyasi, whose potent blend of earthly wisdom and scriptural knowledge was a guide to life.
Vishwalaya takes formal shape:
Word spread and slowly Ram Rams place began to grow. Buildings came up; more children came, often from far off. More visitors, more funds. Through the years, children have come and gone, having sought shelter in Vishwalaya leaving only when they reached maturity or when reclaimed by parents. At present, there are over 30 children here; from one-year olds to early teenagers (Even the occasional grown-up who seeks shelter here is not turned away.) Ram Ram believed that every child has a right to paradise on earth. And so nearly three decades after the first child was given into his care, when he had neither home nor help, Vishwalaya was registered as a Trust..

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