Cloud Computing 14SCS12 VTU unit 5

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Cloud Computing [14SCS12] VTU unit-5

1.       What are the common attributes of a cloud infrastructure?

2.       Briefly explain Platform as  a service

3.       Explain Infrastructure as a service.

4.       What are the principal technologies and the main drivers for cloud computing?

5.        Explain what is the cloud strategy?

6.       With diagram explain the conceptual cloud model.

7.       Differentiate between Platform Integration deployment services and software platform management services.

8.       Explain the following terms

a.       Service

b.      Services Portfolio

c.       Service Component

d.      Service owner

e.      Process

f.        Enablers

g.       Service Level Agreements

h.      Service Level Management

i.         Service Level Management Objectives

9.       Explain the Software Platform Management Services in detail

10.   What is the role of cloud business process management? Also explain what questions help to identify the BPM Opportunities better?

11.   Explain the use cases for SaaS, Paas and Iaas.

12.   What is Cloud Service Management?  Explain the three opportunities for cloud brokers.

13.   Explain the cloud platform characteristics on the basis of low end servers and dynamic capacity based servers.

14.   When is the Utility Computing on Demand ideal and what are the limitations of it?

15.   What  is Pre-Provisioning Approach with respect to Computing on Demand and explain when it is ideal?



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