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Three excellent speech to text tools for google docs

How to study this subject

In today’s post we are sharing with you three interesting ways students can use to voice type documents in Google Docs. Instead of using keyboard, students will be able to verbally dictate their text and see it transcribed live onto their document. While these speech recognition functionalities have a higher degree of accuracy but still post-editing is mandatory to correct errors related to unclear speech output. The first functionality in the list is a newly added feature to Google Docs called Voice Typing. The other two are third party apps to install on Docs.

1- Voice Typing
Voice Typing is  a built-in feature in Google Docs’ that allows you to  type with your voice. You can write an entire essay without having to touch the keyboard. You can even use punctuation with voice typing. There are several phrases you can choose from to punctuate your text (e.g ‘period’,’comma’, ‘exclamation mark’, ‘question mark’, ‘new line’, ‘new paragraph’. Voice tying for Google Docs is only available on computers using a Chrome browser. To start using Voice typing, you need to have a working microphone then open a document in your Chrome browser and click on Tools and select Voice typing as shown in the screenshot below.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use Voice Typing in Google Docs

2- Speech Recognition
'The Speech Recognition add-on will allow you to use speech recognition to write your Google Docs documents. Express yourself as you've never done. Be free from the keyboard and faster than ever. This add-on uses the Google Web Speech Api giving a high level of assertiveness. And now with punctuation marks.'
3- Voice Recognition
'You can use Google Chrome as a voice recognition app and type long documents, emails and school essays without touching the keyboard. The app is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive to help you easily export you transcribed text to your various online accounts. Alternatively, your can send the dictated text to any email address'. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use Voice Recognition.

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