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How to study this subject


Java is a basic but intense item arranged programming dialect and it is in numerous regards like C++. Java started at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1991. It was brought about by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems, Inc. It was created to give a stage free programming dialect. This site gives you an Introduction to Java Programming went with numerous java cases. Its a complete course in java programming for apprentices to cutting edge java. 


Dissimilar to numerous other programming dialects including C and C++ when Java is aggregated, it is not incorporated into stage particular machine, rather into stage autonomous byte code. This byte code is appropriated over the web and translated by virtual Machine (JVM) on whichever stage it is being run. 


What is the Java Virtual Machine? What is its part? 

Java was planned with an idea of 'compose once and run all over the place'. Java Virtual Machine assumes the focal part in this idea. The JVM is the earth in which Java projects execute. It is a product that is executed on top of genuine equipment and working framework. At the point when the source code (.java documents) is arranged, it is interpreted into byte codes and after that set into (.class) records. The JVM executes these bytecodes. So Java byte codes can be considered as the machine dialect of the JVM. A JVM can either decipher the bytecode one guideline at once or the bytecode can be aggregated further for the genuine microchip utilizing what is known as a without a moment to spare compiler. The JVM must be executed on a specific stage before accumulated projects can keep running on that stage. 


Article Oriented Programming is a technique for execution in which projects are sorted out as agreeable accumulation of items, each of which speaks to an occasion of a class, and whose classes are all individuals from a progressive system of classes united by means of legacy connections. 

OOP Concepts 

Four standards of Object Oriented Programming are 

Object Oriented Programming is a method of implementation in which programs are organized as cooperative collection of objects, each of which represents an instance of a class, and whose classes are all members of a hierarchy of classes united via inheritance relationships.

OOP Concepts

Four principles of Object Oriented Programming are



         Abstraction denotes the essential characteristics of an object that distinguish it from all other kinds of objects and thus provide crisply defined conceptual boundaries, relative to the perspective of the viewer.


        Encapsulation is the process of compartmentalizing the elements of an abstraction that constitute its structure and behavior ; encapsulation serves to separate the contractual interface of an abstraction and its                          implementation.

       * Hides the implementation details of a class.
       * Forces the user to use an interface to access data
       * Makes the code more maintainable.


        Inheritance is the process by which one object acquires the properties of another object.


        Polymorphism is the existence of the classes or methods in different forms or single name denoting different implementations.

Java has powerful features. The following are some of them:-

Since Java is an object oriented programming language it has following features:

Reusability of Code

Emphasis on data rather than procedure

Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions

Objects can communicate with each other through functions

New data and functions can be easily added                       


Reusability of Code

Portable (Platform Independent)
High Performance


With broad arrangement of schedules to handle TCP/IP conventions like HTTP and FTP java can transparent the items crosswise over net by means of URLs. 


One of the effective parts of the Java dialect is that it permits various strings of execution to run simultaneously inside of the same program A solitary Java project can have a wide range of strings executing freely and consistently. Different Java applets can keep running on the program in the meantime sharing the CPU time. 


Java was intended to permit secure execution of code crosswise over system. To make Java secure a number of the components of C and C++ were disposed of. Java does not utilize Pointers. Java projects can't get to self-assertive locations in memory. 


Programmed trash gathering is another incredible component of Java with which it avoids unintentional debasement of memory. Like C++, Java has another administrator to assign memory on the store for another article. In any case, it doesn't utilize erase administrator to free the memory as it is done in C++ to free the memory if the item is no more required. It is done consequently with trash specialist. 


Java has advanced from a straightforward dialect giving intuitive element substance to site pages to a dominating undertaking empowered programming dialect suitable for creating huge and basic applications. Today, It is utilized for some sorts of uses including Web based applications, Financial applications, Gaming applications, installed frameworks, Distributed undertaking applications, versatile applications, Image processors, desktop applications and some more.

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