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You are here:Open notes-->Bangalore-University-->BUSINESS-PERSPECTIVES


How to study this subject

The course aims to provide basic concepts and knowledge with regard to a business
enterprise and its various functional areas.
Introduction: Concept, Nature and Scope of Business; forms of business enterprise
Concept of business as a system; Business and Environment Interface; Business
objectives; Business Ethics and Values; Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance.
Key indicators of economic perspectives; Gross Domestic product, sectoral shares,
agricultural output, electricity generation, rate of inflation, money supply, foreign trade,
forex reserves, exchange rates, economic infrastructure, social indicators.
Industrial and regulatory perspective of business: Regulatory role of government impact
of political environment on business–industrial policy and performance –public sector –
privatization –government and business interface –trends industrial production ,
industrial diversification – SMEs policy and development – incentives for SSIs, Industrial
Sickness, Role of BIFR and status of entrepreneurship India

Social and technological perspectives: Social responsibilities of business, environmental
cost audit –Technology policy technology transfer, energy recourse management, R&D
environment, incentives for technological research, information system for technology
Monetary and fiscal perceptives: Monetary policy, impact on business, Instruments of
monetary policy, fiscal policy, union budget, state budget, finances of union and state
and finance commissions.
Global environment: Meaning and levels of globalization, factors influencing
globalization, effected of globalization, concept of MNCs and TNCs- International
business salient features of exim policy, international business risk, recent growth
trends in major industrial segments.

1. Suresh Bedi, Business Environment, EB
2. Francis Cherunilam, Business environment, HPH
3. Saleem, Business Environment, Pearson
4. Justin Paul, Business Environment, TMH
5. Raj Agarwal, Business Environment, EB
6. Adhikary, Global Buisness Management, McMillan
7. Palle Krishna Rao, WTO, EB

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