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How to study this subject

UNIT-1Introduction,  Applications  of  power  electronics,  Power  semiconductor  devices,  Controlcharacteristics, Types of power electronics circuits, Peripheral effects.5 Hours
UNIT-2POWER  TRANSISTOR:Power BJT’s, switching  characteristics, Switching  limits, Basederive control, Power MOSFET’s, switching characteristics, Gate drive, IGBT’s, Isolation ofgate and base drives.6 Hours
UNIT-3INTRODUCTION   TO   THYRISTORS:Principleof   operation   states   anode-cathodecharacteristics,  two  transistor  model.  Turn-on  Methods,  Dynamic  Turn-on  and  turn-offcharacteristics,  Gate  characteristics,  Gate  trigger  circuits,  di  /  dt  and  dv  /  dt  protection,Thyristor firing circuits.7 Hours
UNIT-4CONTROLLED  RECTIFIERS:Introduction,  Principles  of  phase  controlled  converteroperation, 1φ fully controlled converters, Duel converters, 1 φ semi converters (all converterswith R & RL load).5 HoursPower Electronics10EC73SJBIT/Dept of ECE


UNIT-5 COMMUTATION:Thyristor  turn  off  methods,  natural  and  forced  commutation,  selfcommutation,   class   A   and   class   B   types,   Complementary   commutation,   auxiliarycommutation, external pulse commutation, AC line commutation, numerical problems.7 Hours

UNIT-6 AC   VOLTAGE   CONTROLLERS:Introduction,   Principles   of   on   and   off   control,Principles  of  phase  control,  Single  phase  controllers  with  restive  loads  and  Inductive  loads,numerical problems.7Hours

UNIT-7 DC  CHOPPERS:Introduction,  Principles  of  step  down  and  step  up  choppers,  Step  downchopper  with  RL  loads,  Chopper  classification,  Analysis  of  impulse  commutated  Thyristorchopper (only qualitative analysis).8 Hours

UNIT-8 INVERTORS:Introduction,  Principles  of  operation,  Performance  parameters,  1φ  bridgeinverter, voltage control of 1φ invertors, current source invertors, Variable DC link inverter.7 Hours


1.“Power Electronics”-M. H.Rashid 3rd edition, PHI / Pearson publisher 2004.2.“Power Electronics”-M. D. Singh and Kanchandani K.B. TMH publisher, 2nd Ed. 2007.REFERENCE BOOKS:1.“Thyristorized Power Controllers”-G. K. Dubey S. R. Doradla, A. Joshi and RmkSinha Newage international (P) ltd reprint 1999.2.“Power Electronics”-Cynil W. Lander 3rd edition, MG

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