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How to Start Using Drugs Not Banned in India

In spite of the fact that every nation has its own particular rundown of banned medications, it is troubling that a few medications that are banned in different nations for demonstrated unfavorable impacts are still accessible in the Indian market. Some of these medications are accessible over the counter and individuals may take it without understanding the danger. A note of alert on these medications could help patients in choosing whether they need to take the medication. Some of these medications are:


Phenylpropanolamine is usually found in icy and hack solutions in India. It was additionally used to treat heftiness in the US where it was found to build the danger of hemorrhagic (stroke because of a drain in the cerebrum). It likewise could decline psychiatric issues. Despite the fact that the measurements utilized as a part of hack and chilly solutions is lower than that utilized as a part of corpulence, individuals purchasing the medicine particularly over the counter ought to be made mindful of these unfavorable impacts. This medication has go under the scanner and may soon be banned in India.

Metamizole (Analgin)

Analgin is a painkiller. It has been banned in a few nations since it conveys the danger of agranulocytosis (condition where the bone marrow does not deliver certain sorts of white platelets). Next to, more secure painkillers that are just as compelling are effectively accessible and there is no compelling reason to take, for example, genuine danger. Analgin itself is not banned in India but rather the mix of analgin with some other medication is banned.


Oxyphenbutazone is a painkiller fitting in with the same class of medications as analgin. It has been banned in numerous nations since it causes bone marrow wretchedness and other reactions. Its mix with whatever other medication is banned in India.


Nimesulide is a painkiller that was not presented in the American, UK or Australian advertise however is generally utilized as a part of India. It has been found to bring about liver disappointment and consequently has been banned in a few nations. Youngsters with viral disease could be especially defenseless. Notwithstanding, the boycott has not been executed even in youngsters in India.


Cisapride is a medication that builds the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. It is utilized to treat acridity and blockage. It may bring about arrhythmia when utilized as a part of high measurements or when consolidated with different medications like erythromycin and ketoconazole; subsequently it is banned in a few nations. Its use in India is under the scanner and it might soon confront a boycott.

Furazolidone and Nitrofurazone

Furazolidone acts against some microscopic organisms and protozoa that cause the runs. It is utilized alone and as a part of addition with different medications, for example, metronidazole. It has been banned in a few nations since it has a place with a class of medications that could bring about growth. The blend of loperamide with furazolidone is banned in India.

Nitrofurazone is an antibacterial cream that fits in with the same class of medications as furazolidone, along these lines there is a risk that it could likewise bring about tumor. Consequently it is banned in a few nations.


Cerivastatin in a cholesterol bringing medication comparative down to atorvastatin. It was withdrawn since it brought about a few instances of rhabdomyolysis (harm to muscles) taking after which patients experience the ill effects of kidney disappointment. Lamentably, it is still accessible in India.


Phenolphthalein is a stimulant laxative. It delivered diseases when tried in mice and also harm to qualities. Subsequently it has been banned in a few nations.


Quinodochlor is an amoebicidal medication compelling against looseness of the bowels brought about by amoebae. It created a genuine symptom called subacute myelo optic neuropathy, at first seen in Japanese, a condition that brought about nerve harm and loss of sight.


Tegaserod is a medication that is utilized to treat patients with touchy gut disorder with overwhelmingly stoppage. It was withdrawn from the business sector since patients taking this medication indicated expanded frequency of heart assault and stroke.

Human Placental concentrate

Human placental concentrate is utilized as a part of the corrective business as moisturizer, gel and infusion. It is not allowed in a few nations since it can transmit infections to the client. It is under the scanner and may be banned later on.


Thioridazine is an antipsychotic medication. It causes unfriendly impacts like arrhythmia (unusual heart cadence), eye harm, and a condition called neuroleptic dangerous disorder.


Pergolide is a medication utilized for the treatment of Parkinson's malady. It has been withdrawn from a few nations since it causes harm to heart



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