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You are here:Open notes-->VTU-->10me44-KINEMATICS-OF-MACHINES


How to study this subject

UNIT-1Introduction: DefinitionsLink or element, kinematic pairs, Degrees offreedom, Grubler'scriterion (without derivation), Kinematic chain,Mechanism, Structure, Mobility ofMechanism, Inversion, Machine.Kinematic Chains and Inversions: Inversions of Fourbar chain; Singleslider crank chain and Double slider crank chain.07 Hours

UNIT-2Mechanisms: Quick return motion mechanisms-Drag link mechanism,Whitworthmechanism and Crank and slotted lever Mechanism.Straight line motion mechanismsPeaucellier's mechanism and Robert'smechanism. Intermittent Motion mechanisms-Geneva wheel mechanism andRatchet and Pawl mechanism. Toggle mechanism,Pantograph, Ackermansteering gear mechanism.06 Hours

UNIT-3Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Graphical Methods)Velocity andacceleration analysis of Four Bar mechanism, slider crankmechanism and SimpleMechanisms by vector polygons: Relative velocityand acceleration of particles .in acommon link, relative velocity andaccelerations of coincident Particles on separate links-Coriolis component ofacceleration. Angular velocity and angular acceleration of links,velocity ofrubbing.07 Hours

UNIT-4Velocity Analysis by Instantaneous Center Method: Definition, Kennedy'sTheorem,Determination of linear and angular velocity using instantaneouscenter methodKlein'sConstruction: Analysis of velocity and acceleration of single slidercrank mechanism.06 HoursPART–B

UNIT-5Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Analytical Methods):Analysis offour bar chain and slider crank chain using analyticalexpressions. (Use of complexalgebra and vector algebra)

UNIT-6Spur Gears: Gear terminology, law of gearing, Characteristics of involuteaction, Path ofcontact. Arc of contact, Contact ratio of spur, helical, beveland worm gears, Interferencein involute gears. Methods of avoidinginterference, Back lash. Comparison of involuteand cycloidal teeth. ProfileModification.07 Hours

UNIT-7Gear Trains: Simple gear trains, Compound gear trains for large speed.reduction,Epicyclic gear trains, Algebraicand tabular methods of findingvelocity ratio of epicyclicgear trains. Toothload and torque calculations inepicyclicalgear trains07 Hours

UNIT-8Cams: Types of cams, Types of followers. Displacement, Velocity and,Acceleration timecurves for cam profiles. Disc cam with reciprocatingfollower having knife-edge, rollerand flat-face follower, Disc cam withoscillating roller follower. Follower motionsincluding SHM, Uniformvelocity, uniform acceleration and retardation and Cycloidalmotion.

TEXT BOOKS:1. "Theory of Machines”, Rattan S.S, Tata McGraw-Hill PublishingCompany Ltd., NewDelhi, and 3rd edition-2009.2. "Theory of Machines”, Sadhu Singh, Pearson Education (Singapore)Pvt. Ltd, IndianBranch New Delhi, 2nd Edi. 2006

REFERENCE BOOKS:1. “Theory of Machines & Mechanisms", J.J. Uicker, , G.R. Pennock,J.E. Shigley.OXFORD 3rd Ed. 2009.2. Mechanism and Machine theory, Ambekar, PHI, 2007Graphical Solutions may be obtained either on the Graph Sheets or on theAnswerBook itself

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