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How to study this subject

UNIT - 1

Importance of Bogue’s compounds, Structure of a Hydrated Cement Paste, Volume of hydrated product, porosity of paste and concrete, transition Zone, Elastic Modulus, factors affecting strength and elasticity of concrete, Rheology of concrete in terms of Bingham’s parameter.

UNIT - 2

CHEMICAL ADMIXTURES- Mechanism of chemical admixture, Plasticizers and super Plasticizers and their effect on concrete property in fresh and hardened state, Marsh cone test for optimum dosage of super plasticizer, retarder, accelerator, Air-entraining admixtures, new generation superplasticiser.
MINERAL ADMIXTURE-Fly ash, Silica fume, GCBS, and their effect on concrete property in fresh state and hardened state.

UNIT - 3

MIX DESIGN - Factors affecting mix design, design of concrete mix by BIS method using IS10262 and current American (ACI)/ British (BS) methods. Provisions in revised IS10262-2004.

UNIT - 4

DURABILITY OF CONCRETE - Introduction, Permeability of concrete, chemical attack, acid attack, efflorescence, Corrosion in concrete. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat. Alkali Aggregate Reaction,IS456-2000 requirement for durability.

 7 Hours


UNIT - 5
RMC concrete - manufacture, transporting, placing, precautions, Methods of concreting- Pumping, under water concreting, shotcrete, High volume fly ash concrete concept, properties, typical mixSelf compacting concrete concept, materials, tests, properties, application and

UNIT - 6

Fiber reinforced concrete - Fibers types and properties, Behavior of FRC in compression, tension including pre-cracking stage and post-cracking stages, behavior in flexure and shear, Ferro cement - materials, techniques of manufacture, properties and application

UNIT - 7

Light weight concrete-materials properties and types. Typical light weight concrete mix High density concrete and high performance concrete-materials, properties and applications, typical mix.

UNIT - 8

Test on Hardened concrete-Effect of end condition of specimen, capping, H/D ratio, rate of loading, moisture condition. Compression, tension and flexure tests. Tests on composition of hardened concrete-cement content, original w/c ratio. NDT tests concepts-Rebound hammer, pulse velocity methods.


1. Properties of Concrete- Neville, A.M. - ELBS Edition, LongmanÂLtd., London

2. Concrete Technology- M.S. Shetty

3. Concrete Technology- A.R. Santhakumar,-Oxford University


4. Concrete- P.K. Mehta, P J M Monteiro,- Prentice Hall, New Jersey

(Special Student Edition by Indian Concrete Institute Chennai)

5. ACI Code for Mix Design

6. IS 10262-2004

7. Concrete Mix Design- N. Krishna Raju - Sehgal Publishers

8. Concrete Manual- Gambhir M.L.- Dhanpat Rai & Sons, New Delhi

9. Advanced Concrete Technology Processes- John Newman, Ban

Seng Choo, - London.

10. Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent materials- John

Newman, Ban Seng Choo- London

11. Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation of Materials- J.Prasad, C G

K Nair,-Mc Graw Hill.

12. High Performance Concrete- Prof Aitcin P C- E and FN, London.

13. Properties of Fresh Concrete- Power T.C.- E and FN, London

6 Hours

7 Hours

 6 Hours

7 Hours

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