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How to make presentation attractive and lively !

How to study this subject

Are you in trouble while giving presentation just because you are not able to grab the attention of the listeners? There is nothing to worry about.We have found a way out. We here will discuss the magic of getting the audience into your world of speech. You can do this since the introduction to the end of the presentation.

    While making a presentation you can make it interactive and attractive by asking some relevant questions like "Is facing a large audience is the challenge or is it that you are shy to speak ?" You can also arouse curiosity. This will give it suspense and people will listen to it. Presentation is no less than a movie. You can tell stories or quote incidences of famous person. However keep in mind that they should be relevant to the topic. Quoting incidence from movies too will be more interesting. This would be an additional feature to the strong visual aids. One can also crack some jokes so the environment become humorous and also laughing also activates your nervous system in turn brings you back to the point.
    Now you might me thinking – 'That all are fine. However when is the right time that I crack a joke or quote and incidence or ask a question etc and how?' Yes. One prime area is to make the content interesting. How? You can personify it as if you are the person directly demonstrating them. Personification gives it one-one feeling in all who are listening. Once the presentation is digestable all would glorify it as it was all understandable and worth the time that they have sat there within the four walls. Once you look into the eyes of the audience you would be able to make out of they understand it, if not try putting it in a more understandable format. You can use music and vedio clips in your presentation and give them visualization.
         In simple words remember "WYF IN WOS" (Wife in woes). All the male readers here, mainly the ones married know what happens when their wife is depressed or stressed. Leave the rest, no food for the day. Yes the same applies here. Audience are equivalent to your wife don’t depress them. WYF IN WOS is What You Feel Is Not What Others See. It is your duty to make them understand and take them along with you in the same path. A major advantage is the audience while entering into the venue has got an empty mind and it is easy for you to shape it. An audience mind is just like the clay and you will shape it into your desired pot. You should not be nervous. The audience can feel your nerve and would figure out you loss of confidence.
    You should know exactly from where you should start speaking. The first impression is last impression. Starting point is very important. Make sure that there is nothing in your pocket or around you that can distract you. Switch off your mobile or keep them in non-vibrating silent mode. Keep an eye on the audience's pen. Their rate of movement is proportional to their interest.
    Always remember 'No presentation is interesting. It is the duty of the presenter to make it interesting'. Make your presentation the best by following very simple protocols. From today pull up your shoes and say I can give best presentation with full confidence and keep my audience lively through out.

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