10ec62 Micro processor

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10ec62 Micro processor

How to study this subject

UNIT 1 (7 Hours)

8086 PROCESSORS: Historical background, The microprocessor-based personal computer

system, 8086 CPU Architecture, Machine language instructions, Instruction execution timing,

The 8088

UNIT 2 (7 Hours)

INSTRUCTION SET OF 8086: Assembler instruction format, data transfer and arithmetic,

branch type, loop, NOP & HALT, flag manipulation, logical and shift and rotate instructions.

Illustration of these instructions with example programs, Directives and operators

UNIT - 3

BYTE AND STRING MANIPULATION: String instructions, REP Prefix, Table translation,

Number format conversions, Procedures, Macros, Programming using keyboard and video


6 Hours

UNIT - 4

8086 INTERRUPTS: 8086 Interrupts and interrupt responses, Hardware interrupt applications,

Software interrupt applications, Interrupt examples

6 Hours


UNIT - 5

8086 INTERFACING: Interfacing microprocessor to keyboard (keyboard types, keyboard

circuit connections and interfacing, software keyboard interfacing, keyboard interfacing with

hardware), Interfacing to alphanumeric displays (interfacing LED displays to microcomputer),

Interfacing a microcomputer to a stepper motor

6 Hours

SJBIT/ECE Department 0

Microprocessor 10EC62

UNIT - 6

8086 BASED MULTIPROCESSING SYSTEMS: Coprocessor configurations, The 8087

numeric data processor: data types, processor architecture, instruction set and examples

6 Hours

UNIT - 7

SYSTEM BUS STRUCTURE: Basic 8086 configurations: minimum mode, maximum mode,

Bus Interface: peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus, the parallel printer interface (LPT),

the universal serial bus (USB)

7 Hours

UNIT - 8

80386, 80486 AND PENTIUM PROCESSORS: Introduction to the 80386 microprocessor,

Special 80386 registers, Introduction to the 80486 microprocessor, Introduction to the Pentium


7 Hours


1. Microcomputer systems-The 8086 / 8088 Family Y.C. Liu and G. A. Gibson, 2E PHI


2. The Intel Microprocessor, Architecture, Programming and Interfacing-Barry B.

Brey, 6e, Pearson Education / PHI, 2003


1. Microprocessor and Interfacing- Programming & Hardware, Douglas hall, 2e TMH,


2. Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals - A.K. Ray and K.M. Bhurchandi, TMH,


3. 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors - Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware

& Applications - Triebel and Avtar Singh, 4e, Pearson Education, 2003

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