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You are here:Open notes-->VTU-->10EE842-Energy-Auditing-and-Demand-Side-Management-

10EE842 Energy Auditing and Demand Side Management

How to study this subject


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND POWER FACTOR–correction &location of capacitors,energyefficient motors, lighting basics, electrical tariff, Concept of ABT.10 Hours

UNIT-1INTRODUCTION: Energy situation–world and India, energy consumption, conservation,Codes, standards and Legislation6 Hours

UNIT-2ENERGY ECONOMIC ANALYSIS:The time value of money concept, developing cash flowmodels,Paybackanalysis, depreciation, taxes and tax credit–numerical problems7 Hours

UNIT-3ENERGY AUDITING:Introduction, Elements of energy audits, energy use profiles,measurements inenergy audits, presentation of energy audit results8 Hours

UNIT-4ELECTRICAL SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION:Power triangle, motor horse power, power flowconcept

UNIT-7 & 8DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT:Introduction to DSM, concept ofDSM, benefits of DSM,differenttechniques of DSM–time of day pricing, multi-utility power exchange model, time ofday modelsforplanning, load management, load priority technique, peak clipping, peak shifting,valley filling, strategicconservation, energy efficient equipment. Management and Organizationof EnergyConservationawareness Programs.16 Hours

TEXT BOOKS:1.Industrial Energy ManagementSystems,Arry C. White, Philip S. Schmidt, David R.Brown,Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, New York2.Fundamentals of Energy Engineering-Albert Thumann, PrenticeHall Inc, EnglewoodCliffs, NewJersey.3.Electrical Power distribution, A S. Pabla, TMH, 5th edition, 2004

REFERENCE BOOKS:1.Recent Advances in Control and Management of Energy Systems, D.P.Sen, K.R.Padiyar,Indrane Sen,M.A.Pai, Interline Publisher, Bangalore, 1993.2.Energy Demand–Analysis, Management and Conservation,Ashok V. Desai, WileyEastern, 2005.3.Demand Side Management,Jyothi Prakash, TMH Publishers.4.Hand book on energy auditing-TERI (Tata Energy Researc

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