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You are here:Open notes-->VTU-->6-th-semester-Filestructure-labmanual-Program-No-1

6-th semester Filestructure labmanual Program No-1

1. Write a C++ program to read series of names, one per line, from standard input and write these names spelled in reverse order to the standard output using I/O redirection and pipes. Repeat the exercise using an input file specified by the user instead of the standard input and using an output file specified by the user instead of the standard output.

void swap (char &a,char &b)
 char temp;

void reverse(char *name)
 int i,j,size;

void main(int argc,char *argv[])
 char name[30];
   cout<<"enter name\n";
 else if(argc==3)
  fstream ip,op;[1],ios::in);[2],ios::out|ios::app);

// ctrl-c to exit !!!
Execution of file -> 1.CPP
1.start ->type  cmd .
2. In commad Prompt type ->  d :-> cd debug ->
3.Create 2 files 1.txt(Enter some names ) and 2.txt (keep it empty )
4. After executing program there will be a file called 1.exe in debug folder.
5. Type in 1.exe 1.txt 2.txt  ( Reversed names will be found in 2.txt )


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