optical coherence tomography

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optical coherence tomography

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Optical coherence tomography is a recent technology that has gained momentum in the medical and research fields. Its use and manipulation of light to view live tissues within the body in real time is a suited to a wide variety of fields in the medical profession. Unlike most other medical imaging techniques, optical coherence tomography has better resolution, depth in penetration, and quality. Although optical coherence tomography was initially geared towards ophthalmology, it had now expanded to many other fields in medicine. Through new technological advancements, the OCT had been increasingly improving its quality and resolution of imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a ten-year old imaging technique which has attracted the attention of scientists and engineers greatly. This is mainly due to the fact that it has been the first diagnostic imaging technique which has extensively employed the coherent properties of light.

OCT has been mainly used for biomedical applications where many fac¬tors affect the feasibility and effectiveness of any imaging technique. The highly scattering as well as absorbing living tissues greatly limit the applica¬tion of optical imaging modalities. Other imaging methods, such as ultrasonic has been used for a long time, yet each of them have certain problems and limitations. For instance, albeit ultrasonic technique can provide informa¬tion from depths far beyond the capability of OCT, in many applications the resolution is not satisfactory to result in any useful information Fig. 1.

Beside the high resolution of OCT, perhaps the major factors which has affected its success are simplicity and cost effectiveness of the method. OCT takes great advantage of the extensive research in the field of photonic tech¬nology, so that the equipments will be normally cheap and available in many different configurations

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