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Simputer is a multilingual mass access low cost hand held device currently being developed. The information mark up language is the primary format of the content accessed by the Simputer. The information mark up language (IML) has been created to provide a uniform experience to users and to allow rapid development of solution on any platform.

The Simputer proves that illiteracy is no longer a barrier in handling a computer. The Simputer through its smart card feature allows for personal information management at the individual level for a unlimited number of users. Applications in diverse sectors can be made possible at an affordable price.

Simputer is a hand held device with the following features:
- It is portable
- A (320 X 240) LCD Panel which is touch enabled
- A speaker, microphone and a few keys
- A soft keyboard
- A stylus is a pointing device
- Smart card reader in Simputer
- The use of extensive audio in the form of text to speech and audio snippets
The display resolution is much smaller than the usual desktop monitor but much higher than usual wireless devices (cell phones, pagers etc). The operating system for Simputer is Linux. It is designed so that Linux is to be started up in frequently, but the Simputer is in a low power mode during the times it is not in use. When the Simputer is 'powered on', the user is presented with a screed having several icons.

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