Solar cars

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Solar cars

How to study this subject

The unique feature of the vehicle is being solar operated system, but it does not use battery to supply the motor, instead it uses capacitor banks there are four different capacitor banks used in this system, where there banks are switched one by one using the high frequency switching through the microcontroller.

Many specifications must to know about solar car from solar array , motor, capacitor bank and so on each specification has theory and calculation to mate it function correctly & able to move perfectly. The most important things id\s the capacitor bank because before this there is no solar car driven by a capacitor bank. This project a lot depends on capacitor bank because it using influence if the solar car can drive or not.

More over knowledge about drive train in solar car is very different from that a conventional car. Throw this project the drive trains consist of electric motor & the means by which the motor power is transmitted to the vehicle to move.
This project is to design a solar capacitor bank powered vehicle with objective as follows:
a) To design use photovoltaic source of power.
b) To fabricate & assemble a working proto type model.
This project is more focus on solar capacitor bank powered vehicle. The scope of this project is as follows:
a) Selection of solar panel.
b) Selection of capacitor bank.
c) Selection of chassis, selection of motor etc.

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