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Artificial passenger

How to study this subject

The AP is an artificial intelligence–based companion that will be resident in software and chips embedded in the automobile dashboard. The heart of the system is a conversation planner that holds a profile of you, including details of your interests and profession.

A microphone picks up your answer and breaks it down into separate words with speech-recognition software. A camera built into the dashboard also tracks your lip movements to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition. A voice analyzer then looks for signs of tiredness by checking to see if the answer matches your profile. Slow responses and a lack of intonation are signs of fatigue.

This research suggests that we can make predictions about various aspects of driver performance based on what we glean from the movements of a driver’s eyes and that a system can eventually be developed to capture this data and use it to alert people when their driving has become significantly impaired by fatigue.

The natural dialog car system analyzes a driver’s answer and the contents of the answer together with his voice patterns to determine if he is alert while driving. The system warns the driver or changes the topic of conversation if the system determines that the driver is about to fall asleep. The system may also detect whether a driver is affected by alcohol or drugs.

What is an artificial passenger?

• Natural language e-companion.

• Sleep preventive device in cars to overcome drowsiness.

• Life safety system

The novel invention can analyze video sequences of a driver for determining when the driver is not paying adequate attention to the road. The invention collects data with a single camera placed that can be placed on the car dashboard. The system can focus on rotation of the head and eye blinking, two important cues for determining driver alertness, to make determination of the driver's vigilance level. Our head tracker consists of tracking the lip corners, eye centers, and side of the face. Automatic initialization of all features is achieved using color predicates and a connected components algorithm. A connected component algorithm is one in which every element in the component has a given property. Each element in the component is adjacent to another element either by being to the left, right, above, or below. Other types of connectivity can also be allowed. An example of a connected component algorithm follows: If we are given various land masses, then one could say that each land mass is a connected component because the water separates the land masses. However, if a bridge was built between two land masses then the bridge would connect them into one land mass. So a connected component is one in which every element in the component is accessible from any other element in the component

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