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10IS65 Software testing

How to study this subject

6 Hours
A Perspective on Testing, Examples: Basic definitions, Test cases, Insights
from a Venn diagram, Identifying test cases, Error and fault taxonomies,
Levels of testing. Examples: Generalized pseudocode, The triangle problem,
The NextDate function, The commission problem, The SATM (Simple
Automatic Teller Machine) problem, The currency converter, Saturn
windshield wiper.
7 Hours
Boundary Value Testing, Equivalence Class Testing, Decision Table-
Based Testing: Boundary value analysis, Robustness testing, Worst-case
testing, Special value testing, Examples, Random testing, Equivalence
classes, Equivalence test cases for the triangle problem, NextDate function,
and the commission problem, Guidelines and observations. Decision tables,
Test cases for the triangle problem, NextDate function, and the commission
problem, Guidelines and observations.
7 Hours
Path Testing, Data Flow Testing: DD paths, Test coverage metrics, Basis
path testing, guidelines and observations. Definition-Use testing, Slice-based
testing, Guidelines and observations.
6 Hours
Levels of Testing, Integration Testing: Traditional view of testing levels,
Alternative life-cycle models, The SATM system, Separating integration and

system testing. A closer look at the SATM system, Decomposition-based,
call graph-based, Path-based integrations
7 Hours
System Testing, Interaction Testing: Threads, Basic concepts for
requirements specification, Finding threads, Structural strategies and
functional strategies for thread testing, SATM test threads, System testing
guidelines, ASF (Atomic System Functions) testing example. Context of
interaction, A taxonomy of interactions, Interaction, composition, and
determinism, Client/Server Testing,.
7 Hours
Process Framework: Validation and verification, Degrees of freedom,
Varieties of software. Basic principles: Sensitivity, redundancy, restriction,
partition, visibility, Feedback. The quality process, Planning and monitoring,
Quality goals, Dependability properties, Analysis, Testing, Improving the
process, Organizational factors.
6 Hours
Fault-Based Testing, Test Execution: Overview, Assumptions in fault-
based testing, Mutation analysis, Fault-based adequacy criteria, Variations on
mutation analysis. Test Execution: Overview, from test case specifications to
test cases, Scaffolding, Generic versus specific scaffolding, Test oracles,
Self-checks as oracles, Capture and replay.
6 Hours
Planning and Monitoring the Process, Documenting Analysis and Test:
Quality and process, Test and analysis strategies and plans, Risk planning,
Monitoring the process, Improving the process, The quality team, Organizing
documents, Test strategy document, Analysis and test plan, Test design
specifications documents, Test and analysis reports.
1. Paul C. Jorgensen: Software Testing, A Craftsman’s Approach, 3 rd
Edition, Auerbach Publications, 2008.
(Listed topics only from Chapters 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 1314, 15)
2. Mauro Pezze, Michal Young: Software Testing and Analysis –
Process, Principles and Techniques, Wiley India, 2008.
(Listed topics only from Chapters 2, 3, 4, 16, 17, 20, 24)
1. Aditya P Mathur: Foundations of Software Testing, Pearson
Education, 2008.
2. Srinivasan Desikan, Gopalaswamy Ramesh: Software testing
Principles and Practices, 2 nd Edition, Pearson Education, 2007.
3. Brian Marrick: The Craft of Software Testing, Pearson Education,

Official Notes

Software Testing-06IS81

e-NotesTopicSubject Matter Experts

Basics of Software Testing-1


Prof.G.N.Srinivasan, RVCE, B'lore 

Basics of Software Testing-2

Test Generation from Requirements -1

Test Generation from Requirements -2

Structural Testing


Prof.P.S.Latha, RVCE, B'lore

Dependence, Data Flow Models, and Data Flow Testing

Test and analysis activities within a software processIntegration and component-based software testing

Test Case Selection and Adequacy, Test Execution


Prof.G.S.Srinivasan, RVCE, B'lore

Test and Analysis Activities within a Software Process, Software Qualities and Process

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