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Topics in Economics : Urban Economics Princeton University

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Esteban Rossi-Hansberg309 Fisher Hall, Princeton, N.J., 08544Professor of Economics and International Affairswww.princeton.edu/~erossiDepartment of Economics and WWSerossi@princeton.eduPrinceton University609-258-4024Topics in Economics: Urban EconomicsWWS582a, Spring 2015Thursday, 9am to 12pm, Robertson Hall 14Princeton
This is a course in urban and regionaleconomics. We will study the main economic forces that lead to theexistence of cities and regional agglomeration. In particular we will study the theory and evidence on the emergence ofcities and their effect on worker productivity, urban amenities, andcongestion. We will discuss the problems inmeasuring these urban characteristics, the methodologies to do it, as well as the design of optimal urban policy. We willalso study the economic theory and evidence on the internal structure of cities togetherwith the urban and housingpolicies that can enhance urban living. Finally, the course will analyze the role cities play in aggregate economicdevelopment.Grading:Your grade will be based onclass participation,a class presentation,and acourseproject.Class participationconsists of reading the papers assigned for the class and being ready to discuss them.The classpresentation will consistofan urban policyproject. A written draft of your project is due onMondayMay11. The project shouldconsist of apolicy proposal on an urban issue. It can range from a specific policy for a specific city, to a wide ranging policy for asystem of cities in a country. The policy proposal should be clearly structured, have a policy recommendation, as well asa cleardiscussion of the argument in favor and against its implementation. Your argument should be based on relevantdata and theory.Classparticipation will count for 30% of your grade, the class presentation for another20%of yourgrade and the final project for 50%.Outline and Readings:This syllabus,with the links tomy notes and allpapers,can be downloaded from theÂ

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