Rudra loka plane of Siva

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Rudra-loka: plane of Siva

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Rudra is one of the name of Shiva. The moment of creation begins with an activity that has three manifestations, begins with the creation of manifested forms, which follows the preservation and finally starts the disintegration of phenomenal reality: the destruction. These three processes are governed by the three branches of the creator that has not been created by anyone and creates everything.
Created by his will Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. Each of the three are interrelated and interdependent. Creation is God's will and divine will both preservation and destruction. Without destroying the false identity, the concept of being a separate reality and the individual ego, the true union is not possible. Shiva, Rudra, makes the individual consciousness eternally one with the cósmica.Rudra consciousness is Mr. South in the world of phenomena, is the furious form of Shiva. Since the birth cry of the creator Brahma, was known as Rudra. with his grace mortals live and enjoy the divine play, creating and destroying or paying Karma, because the physical and the phenomenal world is the land of Karma.
Shiva means good too. Well all. It is the cosmic good, which alchemically changes the magnetic energy into electrical energy and sends it back to its source.
This evolution of individual consciousness is complete in terms of Rudra., From here there is but a step to the union with cosmic consciousness. This is the loka where the final purification occurs. This plane is beyond the manifested universe and is composed of the same elements as ananda loka, the plane of bliss.
Knowing, feeling and doing are the three attributes of human consciousness, know what? The answer is: the Truth. Feel what? Beauty. Do what? The Well. The player keeps playing and these are the three most exalted attributes the existence of hombre.El Well is Chit. Truth is Sat. Beauty is Ananda, Satchidananda.
to follow the path of Satyam Shivam Sundarum - Truth-beauty-Bien one becomes Satchinanda. These three aspects of consciousness also known by the names of bindu, annatto and nothing, are worshiped as the three primary gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra.
Doing good means knowing what it is. Proper knowledge can bring the player to experience the Cosmic Good directly from the fifth Chakra. The player who comes here does not offer any resistance to the flow of Dharma; just do your homework, whatever cosmic forces which ask him.
Rudra Loka is one of the three central squares in the top row of the game; these spaces are residences of the divine forces responsible for the whole of Creation, forces with which the applicant is to be identified.
The player tries to identify with the knowledge of good, is the abode of Shiva (commonly known as Rudra), there does good, the Cosmic Good.
The essence of Cosmic Good is the Truth and form, Beauty.

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