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Greed according to hindu mythology

How to study this subject

Once upon a time in a forest ahunter was returning after killing a rabbit, burdening it on his soldiers. Hesaw a pig some distance away. He thought that “I must hunt it too as to getenough meat for long days

So he put an arrow on his bow and pushes the stringof the bow. The pig had become aware by the activity of that hunter. He shotthe arrow which points out to his stomach. In anger the pig ran towards himopening his mouth wide.

Now the hunter needs to shoot another one. As he was aboutto shoot, he saw a snake below him on the ground, he feared a lot and could nottake decision of shooting and in between the time pig closed his dangerousmouth on the lower part of his abdomen so he became unconscious within asecond. He fell down on the snake after being killed. The snake too dies.

Aftersome minutes the pig too died. Now in the evening a jackal was passing through thepath where all four dead bodies were lying.The jackal became very much pleasedto see the dead bodies. He was very much hungry. But he thought that I shalleat the tasty meat of human being which ends more than fifteen days, at last. Iwill eat the meat of pig for 15 days. One day will be my food , the rabbits tasty meat. One time shall I pass by meat of snake and now I am going to chewtasteless leather of string of bow.” Saying it he started chewing the stringand as he touched it the stretched string shot the arrow which directly runs tothe jackal and he too became dead.

By this story wecame to know that the greed is to be abandoned. In Vedas too it is said, These words are taken from Yajurved||1||40||. The hymnis given below

Om Eishavasyamidam sarvam yatkinchajagatyam jagat.Ten tyakten bhunjeethah ma gridhahkasya sviddhanam.

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