Life Path Number 2

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Life Path Number 2

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Positive and Negative aspects, including talents and personality, of the people with a Life Path Number Two

If your birth number adds up to Two you find that duality is a keyword in your life. You have the ability to appreciate the views of others and have a love of beauty and music, being talented in one or both of these areas.

Not for you the single life for long. Your relationships are extremely important to you and you hold onto them tenaciously. You try to please your partner whenever you can, but if you are wronged in love then you find it extremely difficult to forgive and forget.

You take great pride in making your home comfortable and stylish and are likely to entertain a great deal. Your home is your haven and you like to have everything in its place.

Children will bring you lots of pleasure and your family are always priority for you. You do seek balance in your life though and are likely to have a financially rewarding career. At various stages in your life you will travel afar, however you always look forward to returning and are unlikely to settle abroad for very long.

Number Two corresponds to the sign of Taurus and people born under this sign with two as their life path number will double their luck.

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