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Subject Code: 10CSL67 I.A. Marks : 25
 Hours/Week : 03 Exam Hours: 03
Total Hours : 42 Exam Marks: 50
Design, develop, and implement the following programs in C / C++
1. Program to recursively subdivide a tetrahedron to from 3D
Sierpinski gasket. The number of recursive steps is to be specified
by the user. 
2. Program to implement Liang-Barsky line clipping algorithm.
3. Program to draw a color cube and spin it using OpenGL
transformation matrices.
4. Program to create a house like figure and rotate it about a given
fixed point using OpenGL functions.
5. Program to implement the Cohen-Sutherland line-clipping
algorithm. Make provision to specify the input line, window for
clipping and view port for displaying the clipped image.
6. Program to create a cylinder and a parallelepiped by extruding a
circle and quadrilateral respectively. Allow the user to specify the
circle and the quadrilateral.
7. Program, using OpenGL functions, to draw a simple shaded scene
consisting of a tea pot on a table. Define suitably the position and
properties of the light source along with the properties of the
properties of the surfaces of the solid object used in the scene.
8. Program to draw a color cube and allow the user to move the camera
suitably to experiment with perspective viewing. Use OpenGL
9. Program to fill any given polygon using scan-line area filling
algorithm. (Use appropriate data structures.)
10. Program to display a set of values {fij} as a rectangular mesh.
Develop a suitable Graphics package to implement the skills learnt
in the theory and the exercises indicated in Part A. Use the OpenGL.
1. Any question from Part A may be asked in the examination.
2. A report of about 10 – 12 pages on the package developed in
Part B, duly certified by the department must be submitted
during examination.
In the examination, one exercise from Part A is to be asked for a
total of 30 marks. The package developed under Part B has to be
evaluated for a total of 20 marks. 

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