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The channel resistance of an N-channel JFET shown in the figure below is 600 Ω -gate-ece-2011

when the full channel thickness (tch) of 10 mµ is available for conduction. The built-in voltage of the gate P+ N junction (Vbi) is -1 V. When the gate to source voltage (VGS) is 0 V, the channel is depleted by 1 mµ on each side due to the builtin voltage and hence the thickness available for conduction is only 8 m

The channel resistance when VGS = 0 V is
 (A) 480Ω (B) 600Ω (C) 750Ω (D) 1000Ω

Asked On2017-07-06 16:49:01 by:prajwalamv

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