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A company recruits candidates satisfying the following criteria –

1. Candidates who secured at least 85%
in standard 10th or equivalent.
2. Candidates who secured at least 65%
in standard 12th or equivalent.
3. Candidates who are not from
commerce background.
Who among the following candidates will
the company definitely select?
A. Jitesh is a science student having
scored 70% in standard 12th and
80% in 10th with an excellent sports
B. Jignesh scored 80% in standard 12th
90% in standard 10th and secured 2nd
place in his college among all
commerce students.
C. Jayesh scored 75% in standard 10th
75% in standard 12th and is an arts
D. Jinesh secured 80% in standard 12th
88% in standard 10th and is a science
student with great acting skills.

Asked On2019-06-14 09:19:14 by:RSHAH12

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