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Who is a company secretary and what is his role?
Done by:arunwebber


A Company Secretary is a senior position in a private area organization or open division association, regularly as an administrative position or above. In substantial American and Canadian openly recorded partnerships, an organization secretary is normally named a Corporate Secretary or Secretary. 

The Company Secretary is in charge of the proficient organization of an organization, especially concerning guaranteeing consistence with statutory and administrative necessities and for guaranteeing that choices of the Board of Directors are executed. 

Regardless of the name, the part is not an administrative or secretarial one in the typical sense. The organization secretary guarantees that an association agrees to pertinent enactment and regulation, and keeps board individuals educated of their legitimate obligations. Organization secretaries are the organization's named delegate on authoritative reports, and it is their obligation to guarantee that the organization and its executives work inside of the law. It is additionally their obligation to enroll and speak with shareholders, to guarantee that profits are paid and to keep up organization records, for example, arrangements of chiefs and shareholders, and yearly records. 

In numerous nations, privately owned businesses have customarily been required by law to designate one individual as an organization secretary, and this individual will likewise typically be a senior board part. 


Organizations law requires just a recorded organization to have an entire time secretary and a solitary part organization (any organization that is not an open organization) to have a secretary. 

The secretary to be selected by a recorded organization might be an individual from a perceived group of expert bookkeepers, or an individual from a perceived collection of corporate/sanctioned secretaries or a man holding a bosses degree in Business Administration or Commerce or is a Law move on from a college perceived and having applicable experience. Be that as it may, the organization secretary of a solitary part organization should be a man holding a four year certification from a college perceived. 

The obligations of an organization secretary are normally contained in a "job contract". In any case, the organization secretary for the most part performs the accompanying capacities:- 

Elements of secretary: 

(1). Secretarial capacities: 

To guarantee consistence of the procurements of Companies Law and standards made there-under and different statutes and bye-laws of the organization. 

To guarantee that business of the organization is led as per its articles as contained in its reminder of affiliation. 

To guarantee that undertakings of the organization are overseen as per its items contained in the articles of affiliation and the procurements of the Companies Law. 

To set up the motivation in conference with the Chairman and alternate reports for every one of the gatherings of the top managerial staff. 

To orchestrate with and to assemble and hold conferences of the board and to set up a right record of procedures. 

To go to the wide gatherings with a specific end goal to guarantee that the legitimate prerequisites are satisfied, and give such data as are important. 

To get ready, in counsel with the executive, the plan and different reports for the general gatherings. 

To orchestrate with the counsel of executive the yearly and uncommon general gatherings of the organization and to go to such gatherings keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee consistence with the lawful necessities and to make right record thereof. 

To complete all matters worried with the apportioning of shares, and issuance of offer testaments including upkeep of statutory Share Register and directing the proper exercises joined with offer exchanges. 

To get ready, support, consent to and seal arrangements leases, authoritative documents, and other authority archives for the organization's benefit, when approved by the wide of the chiefs or the official dependable. 

To exhort, in conjunctions with the organization's specialists, the CEO or other official, in admiration of the lawful matters, as required. 

To draw in lawful consultants and safeguard the privileges of the organization in Courts of Law. 

To have care of the seal of the organization. 

(2). Legitimate commitments of secretary: 

Filling of different archives/returns as required under the procurements of the Companies Law. 

Appropriate support of books and registers of the organization as required under the procurements of the Companies Law. 

To see whether legitimate necessities of the portion, issuance and exchange of offer testaments, home loans and charges, have been conformed to. 

To gather/organize the gatherings of executives, on their exhort. 

To issue notification and motivation of executive gatherings to each chief of the organization. 

To bear on correspondence with the executives of the organization on different matters. 

To record the minutes of the procedures of the gatherings of the executives. 

To execute the strategies planned by the executives. 

To manage all correspondence between the organization and the shareholders. 

To issues notification and motivation of the general gatherings to the shareholders. 

To keep the record of the procedures of every single general meeting. 

To make course of action for the installment of the profit inside recommended period as gave under the procurements of the Companies Law. 

(3). To keep up the accompanying statutory books: 

the register of exchange of shares; 

the register of purchase supported shares by an organization; 

the register of home loans, charges and so on.; 

the register of individuals and list thereof; 

the register of debenture-holders; 

the register of chiefs and different officers; 

the register of agreements; 

the register of chiefs' shareholdings and debentures; 

the register of nearby individuals, chiefs and officers, if there should be an occurrence of a remote organization; 

Moment books; 

Intermediary register; 

Register of useful proprietorship; 

Register of stores; 

Register of chief's offer holding; and 

Register of agreements, courses of action and arrangements in which chiefs and so forth are intrigued. 

(4). Different obligations: 

The organization secretary normally attempts the accompanying obligations: 

(an) Ensuring that statutory structures are documented quickly. 

(b) Providing individuals and evaluators with notification of meeting. 

(c) Filing of duplicate of exceptional resolutions on endorsed structure inside of the predetermined time period. 

(5). Supplying a duplicate of the records to each individual from the organization, each debenture holder and each individual why should entitled get notification of general gatherings. You must send yearly reviewed accounts. 

(6). Keeping or orchestrating the having of minutes of executives' gatherings and general meetings.Apart from checking the Directors and Members minutes books, duplicates of the minutes of executive gatherings ought to additionally be given to each chief. 

(7). Guaranteeing that individuals qualified for do as such, can review organization records.For sample, individuals from the organization are qualified for a duplicate of the organization's register of individuals, and to investigate the minutes of its general gatherings and to have duplicates of these minutes. 

(8). Care and utilization of the basic seal.Companies are required to have a typical seal and the secretary is generally in charge of its guardianship and use. (Basic seals can be purchased from seal producers) 


Organizations Law permits him to sign the statutory returns and applications. 


The privileges of an organization secretary rely on upon the terms of his or her agreement with the organization. The secretary has no uncommon rights under Companies Law.

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