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Discuss the aims of LIC act of 1956? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Explain Indian carriage by air act? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Explain the five key areas of loss control? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
What is Increased Limit Rate Making?. Describe three methods available for review of increased limit experience? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2013001
Explain briefly the constitution of IRDA? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Define risk and explain its various types? - Pondicherry University -2015001
What are the types of maritime frauds? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Which of the below is correct earned premium for year 2009? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2013000
Which of the following reinsurance category is usually not short tailed? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2010001
Explain with examples all of the following?- Insurance Institute Of India � 2012001
Explain the powers of appointed actuary? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Explain the parties to a contract and role of intermediaries? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Enumerate the rights and liabilities of an agent? - Pondicherry University � 2015001
Discuss the four phases of Reverse Estimation Strategy? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2013001
What is the definition of indemnity period? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2012001
What are the important activities in a Life Insurance Company? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2009001
What is meant by accident benefit? - Insurance Institute Of India � 2009001
Can the Payment be done via Paytm or PhonePe? eduladder001
Will the course be of advanced level? eduladder001
Are you going to teach from basics? eduladder001
Can people who are not resident in India use it too? eduladder001
Is it applicable to people of all ages? eduladder001
Is there any discount? eduladder001
Is the course already functioning? eduladder001
When does the course start? eduladder001
What if I have zero reputation and someone dislikes my question? Will it become -4?001
What do you mean by reputation? eduladder001
What is the qualification of the mentors? eduladder001
Are the mentors well certified? eduladder001
How many hours a day will I need to do the course? eduladder001
From which company will we receive job offers?eduladder001
How is it different and special from other learning platforms? eduladder001
What type of courses do you provide? eduladder001
Will a certificate be provided? eduladder001
What do you mean by hands-on session? eduladder001
Can I access the courses after 30 days as well?Eduladder001
Does it cost 1499 for each course? Eduladder001
How do I become a member? Eduladder000
Why are the prices for students and working professionals different? Eduladder001
How would becoming a tech guru help me? Eduladder001
What is a thread pool and its working? Explain in node js001
Tell me what will hapen when this code is excecuted and why javascript function oveloading001
What is the diffrence between html5 canvas and svg?001
Is node js is concurrent or parellel explain with example?001
What are timers explain with the help of event loop in nodejs?001
What are i/o callbacks explain with the help of node js?000
What is idle prepare in nodejs?000
What are poll retrive new event loop node js?000
What are check callbacks nodejs?000
What are close call back node js?000