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Are all the courses mentioned available with a one year or two year eduladder subscription? Or only one of them? 000
Will the eduladder course be implemented over the website or over an android application000
Could you provide me links to any introductory videos or course content videos for the eduladder fullstack web engieering course?000
Do we get an experience letter or a letter of recommendation or anything of a similar sort for being an intern at eduladder? Also, what is the minimum duration we need to work for to obtain the same? 000
What is the duration of the internship that would be offered after successful completion of the course? Also what is the stipend that would be offered and the various positions that would available as an intern at eduladder?000
How much value does the certification from eduladder hold as for job prospects?000
What is the course curriculum of the eduladder FullStack web engineering course. Could you present the same in a list format?000
Eduladder course-Will there be individual mentor in courses provided by eduladder? 001
Eduladder course -Is there will be internship in the courses offered by eduladder?001
Eduladder courses-Will there be any teachers or mentors who will teach? 001
Eduladder courses- Will there be any cost for online courses?001
Eduladder courses - How the eduladder course is being thought?001
For what angle, the spacing between two planes is same as the wavelength of incident light in angstrom units, for first order diffraction?000
Which one of the following personalities is the brand ambassador of popular brand HP personal computers?001
‘Your Style. Your Store’ is the tag line of which of the following retail chains?001
The American war of Independence took place during (NIFT UG)001
The rainfall related to mountains is called (NIFT UG)001
Who among the following has constructed the famous ‘Shree Shirdi Sai Mandir’ in holy town of Shirdi, Maharashtra?001
Which fort in Rajasthan is a blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture constructed by raja Man Sing in 1592?001
The cultivation of which crop requires water logging? (NIFT UG)001
Which state is known for its renowned Maheshwari and Chanderi saris?001
Which of the following is ovoviviparous?(NIFT- UG)000
Which city in Karnataka is also known as its cultural capital and is famous for its various temples, palaces, forts and old churches?001
A fruit looses vitamins B and C during the process of (NIFT UG)002
Which one of the following places in Kashmir Valley is also known by the name. ‘The Meadow of Gold”?001
When a State Legislature is dissolved, the law making power rests with the (NIFT-UG)000
India signed the famous ‘Panchsheel Treaty’ on peaceful coexistence with001
Which of the following combinations of circles best represents athletes, sprinters and marathon runners?000
Shiva walks 10 km towards North and then turns right. After walking 3 km, he again turns right and walks 7 km. Now he turns left and walks 1 km. How far is he from the starting point?000
If in a certain language code ‘nee tim see’ man ‘how are you’, ‘ble nee see’ means ‘where are you’, then what is the code for ‘where’?000
One of the following is not a manufactured product: (a) Nail polish (b) Nail cutter (c) nail bite (NIFT-UG)000
If you go for shopping to buy kids wear, you will first check (a) Size (b) Shape (c) Colours (NIFT-UG)000
Mark the odd one out. a) Shoes (b) Socks (c) Slippers (NIFT-UG)001
Mark the odd one out. (a) Comb (b) Hat (c) Razor (NIFT-UG) 001
Naresh puts Rs 10000 at interest compounded annually for 2 yr. Had he invested it at 1% more rate of interest compounded annually, he would have earned Rs 209 more. What is the interest rate?000
The preferred colour for the baby girl is; (a) Green (b) Black (c) Pink (NIFT-UG)000
Piyush takes a loan of Rs 10000. After 1 yr, he takes another loan of Rs 10000 at double the rate of interest. If he has to pay interest at simple rate of interest and settles the loan by paying Rs 23600 at the end of two years, what is the initial rate of interest he has to pay?000
You have to go on a mission to spread awareness about your school/college you will: (a) Meet teachers to collect the information and brochures (b) Refuse to go for the campaign (c) Will guide your friends to do the campaign (NIFT-UG)000
The sum of two numbers is 85 and their difference is 9. What is the difference of their squares?001
Branded garments are always: (a) Expensive (b) Price for quality (c) Heavily discounted (NIFT-UG)000
If 2/7 of a number increased by 25 gives 45, find the number.000
The ‘sale tag’ on any product entitles you for a: (a) Discount (b) Special gift (c) Money back (NIFT-UG)001
Sum of two numbers is 60 ad their difference is 12. Find their product001
For selecting clothes for an interview, you choose: (a) Most expensive outfit (b) Most extravagant attire (c) Well stitched formals (NIFT-UG)000
For curtains, the fabric used should be: (a) Very heavy (b) Very bright (c) Drape well (NIFT-UG)000
Find the sum of all natural numbers between 100 and 175.000
Your college club announces a recycling day. Do you: (a) Collect the things that can be recycled (b) Ignore it thinking it as the usual day (c) Find out a way to make the day successful (NIFT-UG)000
For swimmer the garment should be: (a) Closely fitted to the body (b) Should be in bright colours (c) Should be 100% cotton (NIFT-UG)000
Mark the odd one out. (a) Satin (b) Nylon (c) Chiffon (NIFT-UG)000
Which of the following numbers should be added to 11158 to make it exactl divisible by 77?000
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