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Suppose ω is a cube root of unity with ω ≠ 1. Suppose P and Q are the points on the complex plane defined by ω and ω² . If O is the origin , then what is the angle between OP and OQ?000
come and make in India is an invitation for000
widening of current account deficit (CAD) in recent past few years can be explained in terms of 000
Which one of the following options the hierarchy of the functionaries of a ministry is not shown in the correct descending order?000
select the correct answer using the code below000
The term of office of members of the committee on public accounts of the parliament is for 000
Consider the following statements relating to the committee on absence of members from the sittings of the loksabha000
Which one of the following statement is correct?000
which of the following statement given above is correct?000
With regard to the administration of scheduled Areas under Article 244 of the constitution of India, which one of the following statements is not correct?000
Two major saving sector, in ascending order, in India are000
Continuance of slow down of indian economy with sub 5% growth rate for past 2 years dispite continued fixed capital formation beyond 30% of GDP shows the presence of 000
The executive powers of the union formally west in the000
select the correct answer using the code given below000
Which of the statement given above is correct?000
Annual GDP growth of sub-5 percent for four successive years was witnessed in the 000
Which of the following statement is not correct?000
A branch of which among the following Indian banks has been doing bussiness in sri lanka for the last 150 years?000
The coefficient of correlation when coefficients of regression are 0.2 and 1.8 is000
Five sticks of length 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 feet are given. Three of these sticks are selected at random. What is the probability that the selected sticks can form a triangle?000
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?000
If x₁ and x₂ are positive quantities, then the condition for the difference between the arithmetic mean and the geometric mean to be greater than 1 is000
In a multiple-choice test, an examinee either knows the correct answer with probability p, or guesses with probability 1 - p. The probability of answering a question correctly is 1/m, if he or she merely guesses. If the examinee answers a question correctly, the probability that he or she really knows the answer is000
If a variable takes values 0, 1, 2, 3, ......., n with frequencies 1, C(n, 1), C(n, 2), C(n, 3),......, C(n, n) respectively, then the arithmetic mean is000
If P(B) = 3/4, P (A ¿ B ¿ C.) = 1/3 and P (A. ¿ B ¿ C.) = 1/3, then what is P (B ¿ C) equal to?000
It is given that X. = 10, Y. = 90, ƒÐ. = 3, ƒÐ. = 12 and r.. = 0.8. The regression equation of X on Y is000
What is the probability that at least two persons out of a group of three persons were born in the same month (disregard year)?000
The probability that a ship safely reaches a port is 1/3. The probability that out of 5 ships, at least 4 ships would arrive safely is000
In a binomial distribution, the mean is 2/3 and the variance is 5/9. What is the probability that X = 2?000
Let A and B be two events with P(A) = 1/3, P(B) = 1/6 and P(A ∩ B) = 1/12. What is P(BlA̅) equal to?000
Which one of the following can be considered as an appropriate pair of values of the regression coefficient of y on x and regression coefficient of x on y?000
Given that the arithmetic mean and standard deviation of a sample of 15 observations are 24 and 0 respectively. Then which one of the following is the arithmetic mean of the smallest five observations in the data?000
Which of the above statements are correct?000
For two events A and B, let P(A) = 1/2, P (A U B) = 2/3 and P (A ∩ B) = 1/6. What is P(A̅ ∩ B) equal to?000
Let the sample space consist of non-negative integers up to 50, X denotes the numbers which are multiples of 3 and Y denote odd numbers. Which of the following is/are correct?000
Let a die be loaded in such a way that even faces are twice likely to occur as the odd faces. What is the probability that a prime number will show up when the die is tossed?000
A committee of two people is selected from two men and two women. The probability that the committee will have exactly one woman is000
Answer as per instructions given in the image.000
Geometrically Re (z² - i) = 2, where i = √-1 and Re is the real part, represents000
Answer as per the instructions given in the image.000
Answer as per the instructions given in the image.000
If f(x) = (4x + x⁴) / (1 + 4x³) and g(x) = ln [(1 + x)/(1 - x)], then what is the value of f ∘ g [(e - 1)/(e + 1)] equal to?000
Which one of the following is correct in respect of the above statements?000
The differential equation of minimum order by eliminating the arbitraty constants A and C in the equation y = A [sin (x + C) + cos (x + C)] is000
Let g be the greatest integer function. Then the function f(x) = (g(x)² - g(x)) is discontinuous at000
The value of given function is000
A cylindrical jar without a lid has to be constructed using a given surface area of a metal sheet. If the capacity of the jar is to be maximum, then the diameter of the jar must be k times the height of the jar. The value of k is000
If f(x) = x(√x - √(x - 1)), then f(x) is000
Answer as per instructions given in the image.000
If f(x) = x/2 - 1, then on the interval [0, π] which one of the following is correct?000
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