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The sum of the edges of a cube is equal to its volume. The surface area of the cube in sq. units is: (a) 72 (b) 12 (c) 144 (d) 48 (NIFT-UG)000
Directions: Select the correct word or phrase to complete a grammatical and idiomatic sentence. ---- pompous, he was an entertaining companion001
Raju walked at 3 kmph and missed the train by 2 minutes. If he walked at 4 kmph, he would have reached earlier by 2 minutes before the arrival of the train. How far in km should Raju walk to reach the station? (a) 0.4 (b) 2 (c) 1.6 (d) 0.8 (NIFT-UG)000
The value of [(0.02X0.02X0.02) + (0.05X0.05X0.05)] / [(0.05X0.05) – (0.05X0.02) + (0.02X0.02)] is: (a) 0.002 (b) 0.001 (c) 0.012 (d) 0.0112 (NIFT-UG)000
Directions: Choose a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word. Esteem000
In a partnership, Kedar, Ghosh and Patnaik divided the money. Ghosh and Patnaik together got Rs. 84320 and Patnaik and Kedar together got Rs. 95480. If Kedar gets twice as much as Ghosh then the amount they divided in Rs. is: (a) 106640 (b) 106440 (c)116640 (d) 116440 (NIFT-UG)000
Directions: Choose a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word. Eternal001
A man buys 90 articles at Rs. 8 each. He sells 80% of them at Rs. 9.50 each and the rest at Rs. 7. 25 each. Find his average profit or loss per article sold. (a) Rs. 10.50 (b) Rs. 1.05 (c) Rs. 94.50 (d) Rs. 814.50 (NIFT-UG)000
The rate at which a sum of money will double in 7 years in percent is: (a) 12.5 (b) 13.75 (c) 14.28 (d) 11.25 (NIFT-UG)000
Directions: Choose a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word Eulogistic001
A train 400-m long crossed a platform 1000 m long in 1 minute 24 seconds. The speed of the train in km/hr is: (a) 50 (b) 60 (c) 70 (d) None of these (NIFT-UG)000
If A: B is 4:7 and B: C is 9:5 then A: B: C will be, (a) 36:58:25 (b) 36:63:35 (c) 26:63:35 (d) 36:63:25 (NIFT)000
Directions: Choose a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word Euphonious001
Directions: Choose a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word Evitable001
The price of a garment is reduced by 20% and further by 10%. Nidhi got another 5% discount for detecting a defective button. The total discount for the garment is: (a) 35.2% (b) 34.1% (c) 32.5% (d) 31.6%000
One litre of water is added to 5 litres of a 30% solution of alcohol in water. The strength of alcohol in the new solution will be: (NIFT-UG) 000
What is the ratio of side of a square to the radius of a circle, both with equal perimeters000
The ages of A and B differ by 16 years. If 6 years ago, the elder one be 3 times as old as the younger one, the age of ‘A’ is: (a) 16 (b) 15 (c) 14 (d) 13 (NIFT-UG)000
Milk and water are mixed in the ratio 4 : 1 to form solution A and in the ratio of 3 : 2 to form solution B. A man takes equal quantities of solutions A and B and mixes them together. What is the ratio of quantities of milk to that of water in the mixture so formed ?000
The average age of a couple was 26 years at the time of their marriage. After 11 years of marriage, the average age of the family with 3 children becomes 19 years. What is the average age of the children?000
A sailor travels in a boat 8 km downstream in 40 minutes and returns back to the same point in 1 hour. What is the speed of the boat in still water?000
Two railway stations A and B are 300 km apart. In what time will two trains, starting from the opposite ends and travelling towards each other with equal speeds, meet each other?000
6 examiners working 5 hours a day can check 750 answer books in 8 days. At the same rate of checking, in what period of time can 4 examiners examine 800 answer books, working 8 hours a day?000
The floor of the rectangular room of size 10 m (length) x 8.5 m (width) x 8.5 m (height) is to be carpeted so as to leave a margin of 1.25 m from all sides. What would be the area of the carpet required?000
Which of the following is the smallest number which when divided by 20, 25, 35 and 40 leaves the remainders as 12, 17, 27 and 32 respectively?000
A sum of Rs. 1560 is to be distributed amongst A, B and C in the proportion of : : . What is the share of A?000
The third proportional of (X2 – Y2) and (x – y) is ________.000
25% of a number is greater than the other number by 5. If sum of the numbers is 70, what is the ratio of the larger number to the smaller number?000
Question 10 of 100 of of of a number is 8. What is the number?000
Two poles of heights 35 m and 20 m stand on a plane surface. If the distance between their feet is 20 m, what is the distance between their tops?000
The average of 6 numbers is 19. The average of 5 of these is 20. What is the sixth number?000
T he humidity of air at a dry-bulb temperature of 65 oC is 0.025 kg water/kg dry air. The latent heat of vaporization of water at 0 oC is 2500 kJ/kg. The psychrometric ratio of air is 0.95 kJ (kg dry air)-1 K-1. Considering 0 oC as reference temperature, the enthalpy of air (in kJ/kg) at its adiabatic saturation temperature of 35 oC is ___________ (rounded off to two decimal places).000
A hot liquid is to be cooled in a 1-1 shell and tube heat exchanger from 80 oC to 50 oC. Cooling water enters the tube side at 30 oC, and exits at 45 oC. The properties of the liquids are constant. Also, the overall heat transfer coefficient is same for counter-current and cocurrent modes. The percentage saving in heat transfer area for counter-current option with respect to the area of co-current option is __________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
I n a roll crusher, rolls of diameter 1 m each are set in such a manner that minimum clearance between the crushing surfaces is 15 mm. If the angle of nip is 31o, the maximum diameter of the particle (in mm) which can be crushed is ____________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
A set of standard stainless steel pipes, each of internal diameter 26.65 mm and 6000 mm length, is used to make a plug flow reactor by joining them in series to carry out degradation of polyethylene. Seven such pipes are required to obtain a conversion of 66% at 450 K. The minimum number of standard 8000 mm long pipes of the same internal diameter to be procured for obtaining at least 66% conversion under the same reaction conditions is ___________.000
A n azeotropic mixture of ethanol and water is to be separated in a distillation column using benzene as an entrainer. At the column operating conditions, two liquid phases are formed on a tray. The degree(s) of freedom of the system for the choice of intensive properties at equilibrium is(are) ___________000
A fiberboard sheet (1.5 m × 2.0 m × 15 mm) is being dried by suspending it horizontally in a current of hot, dry air. The edges are insulated so that drying takes place only from the top and bottom surfaces. The wet sheet weighing 16 kg with initial moisture content of 60% loses moisture at a constant rate of 1.25 × 10-5 kg m-2 s-1 until the moisture content falls to 30%. All moisture contents are on dry basis. The time required for drying during constant rate period (in hour) is _____________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
A binary distillation column is designed by McCabe-Thiele method to get a distillate mole fraction of 0.9. The enriching section operating line has an intercept with y-axis at 0.3 mole fraction. The ratio of liquid to vapour molar flow rate in the enriching section is _____________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
T he elementary second-order liquid phase reaction A + B → C + D is carried out in an isothermal plug flow reactor of 2 m3 volume. The inlet volumetric flow rate is 10 m3/h. The initial concentrations of both A and B are 2 kmol/m3. The rate constant is given as 2.5 m3 kmol-1 h-1. The percentage conversion of A is ____________.000
A t a shear rate of 10 s-1, the apparent viscosity of a non-Newtonian liquid was found to be 1 Pa s. At a shear rate of 100 s-1, the apparent viscosity of the same liquid was found to be 0.5 Pa s. If the liquid follows power law behavior, the apparent viscosity (in Pa s) at a shear stress of 10 N m-2 is _____________ (rounded off to two decimal place).000
U nder isothermal condition, a vertical tube of length L = 100 m contains a gas of molecular weight equal to 60. The pressure and temperature at the top of the tube are 100 kPa and 25 oC respectively. Consider the universal gas constant and acceleration due to gravity as 8.314 J mol-1 K-1 and 9.81 m s-2 respectively. If the gas is ideal, the pressure (in kPa) at the bottom of the tube will be ____________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
V apour bubbles are formed in the nucleate boiling regime at a frequency of 10 bubbles per second per nucleation site. There are 100 nucleation sites per m2 of heating area. The latent heat of vapourization and the density of vapour under the operating condition are 1000 kJ/kg and 1 kg/m3 respectively. The diameter of each bubble is 10-3 m. Assume that the entire heat supplied is used for vapour generation. The heat flux (in Watt per m2 of heating area) is ______________ (rounded off to third decimal place).000
T he wall of a pipe of radius 1 m is at a uniform temperature of 200 oC, and is covered by insulation of thickness 0.1 m. The ambient air outside the insulated pipe is at 20 oC and has heat transfer coefficient of 10 W m-2 K-1. The thermal conductivity of the insulation material is 0.05 W m-1 K-1. If the heat transfer occurs at steady state, the temperature (in oC) of the outer surface of insulation is __________ (rounded off to second decimal place).000
A n insulated storage tank contains 1000 kg liquid of specific heat 10 kJ kg-1 K-1. The liquid is heated by saturated steam, condensing in a helical coil at a temperature of 180 oC. The heat transfer area of the coil is 0.1 m2. If the overall heat transfer coefficient is constant at 1000 W m-2 K-1, then the time (in hours) required to raise the temperature of the liquid in the tank from 20 oC to 80 oC is ____________ (rounded off to second decimal place).000
A venturi meter is installed to measure the flow rate of water in a 178 mm diameter (ID) pipe. The throat diameter is 102 mm. The differential pressure measured using a manometer is 154.3 kN/m2. The data given are: discharge coefficient = 0.98; water density = 1000 kg/m3. The volumetric flow rate of water (in m3/s) is _________. 000
A furnace installed at a cost of Rs. 24 Lakh is expected to serve its useful life of 5 years. Salvage value of the furnace is Rs. 8 Lakh. The interest rate compounded annually is 8%. The estimated capitalized cost (in Lakhs of rupees) is000
I n the year 2005, the cost of a shell and tube heat exchanger with 68 m2 heat transfer area was Rs. 12.6 Lakh. Chemical Engineering Index for cost in 2005 was 509.4 and now the index is 575.4. Based on index of 0.6 for capacity scaling, the present cost (in Lakhs of rupees) of a similar heat exchanger having 100 m2 heat transfer area is estimated to be000
P itot tube is used to measure000
F or a chemical reaction, the ratio of rate constant at 500 K to that at 400 K is 2.5. Given R = 8.314 J mol-1 K-1, the value of activation energy (in kJ/mol) is000
F or absorption of H2S from a mixture with hydrocarbon vapour into an aqueous alkanolamine solution, the liquid phase mass transfer resistance is 000
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