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What is NaN in JavaScript?100
What is an event bubbling in JavaScript?100
What is the difference between innerHTML & innerText?100
What is the difference between Local storage & Session storage?100
What is the difference between the operators ‘==‘ & ‘===‘?100
What is the difference between null & undefined?100
What is the difference between undeclared & undefined?100
Name some of the JavaScript Frameworks100
What is the difference between window & document in JavaScript?100
How to read a cookie using JavaScript?100
How to delete a cookie using JavaScript?100
List out the different ways an HTML element can be accessed in a JavaScript code.101
In how many ways a JavaScript code can be involved in an HTML file?201
What are the ways to define a variable in JavaScript?101
What is a Typed language?100
How to create a cookie using JavaScript?100
How does TypeOf Operator work?100
What are the variable naming conventions in JavaScript?101
Name some of the built-in methods and the values returned by them.100
What is Closure? Give an example.100
What is Callback?100
What is the purpose of ‘This’ operator in JavaScript?101
What are the scopes of a variable in JavaScript?100
What is argument objects in JavaScript & how to get the type of arguments passed to a function?101
Can you assign an anonymous function to a variable and pass it as an argument to another function?100
What is a name function in JavaScript & how to define it?100
How can you create an Array in JavaScript?100
How can JavaScript codes be hidden from old browsers that dont support JavaScript?001
What is namespacing in JavaScript and how is it used?100
How are JavaScript and ECMA Script related?101
Why it is not advised to use innerHTML in JavaScript?100
What are the decodeURI() and encodeURI() in javascript100
Define unescape() and escape() functions?100
Explain the unshift() method ?100
What are Screen objects?100
Write about the errors shown in JavaScript?101
What are the various functional components in JavaScript?100
Explain the role of deferred scripts in JavaScript?101
How are event handlers utilized in JavaScript?100
How are DOM utilized in JavaScript?100
What is the method for reading and writing a file in JavaScript?101
How are object properties assigned?100
Write the point of difference between web-garden and a web-farm?100
What is the role of break and continue statements?100
How can a particular frame be targeted, from a hyperlink, in JavaScript?100
What boolean operators can be used in JavaScript?100
Is JavaScript case sensitive? Give an example?101
Define event bubbling?100
What is the difference between .call() and .apply()?100
Describe the properties of an anonymous function in JavaScript?000
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