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If the sides of triangle are 5cm ,4cm and 41cm. then the area than he take area of triangle is 000
Evaluate (1/2)-1/2000
she is Anixious (1)/ to releave(2)/ them of their sufferings(3)/All correct (4)000
The king allowed (1)/ no cows to be slaughtred (2)/ in his territory(3)/ All correct.(4)000
He have (1)/ risen to eminence (2)/ from poverty(3)/ and abscurity.000
Napoleon is universally (1)/ acknowledge (2)/to have been one of the great (3)/ of general. 000
What is Vue Router?000
What are filters in Vue.js?000
What are Async Components?000
How Vue.js track changes?000
What is Mixins?000
Why do we need local registration?000
What is the role of ref in Vue.js?000
What is $parent in Vue?000
What is the difference between computed properties and methods?000
Why should not use if and for directives together on the same element?000
What is key in Vue.js?000
What is the difference between v-show and v-if directives?000
What are all the life cycle hooks in Vue instance?000
What are the advantages of vue js?000
What is Vue.js?000
How is the comparison of objects done in PHP000
What is the meaning of a final class and a final method?000
Is multiple inheritance supported in PHP000
Is it possible to evaluate expressing in Nodejs?000
Consider the code below written for connection the MYSQL database000
Consider the code snippet000
Guess the output of below code snippet?000
Consider the code snippet below:000
What will be the output if the outside test2.js is executed000
Which command can be used to check the version of node000
Fill the missing code 000
Fill the missing code000
Consider the below code snippet:000
What will be the output if the outside index.js is executed?000
A node application developer is working on an application wherein he has to send a message back to the client from the server.000
Which of the below statement/s are true about Node.js?000
What is a foot blade?000
What is the biggest drawback of Node.js?000
What structure is commonly used in Node.js?000
Explain the role of the request process in Node.js.000
What is the relationship of Node.js with JavaScript?000
What is the command used for node.js to export external libraries?000
What does it mean to be “block-prevention” in node.js?000
How does Node.js violate the issue of blocking I / O operations?000
Can you specify steps that can be single-tuned in Node.js?000
Why do node.js quickly draw from JavaScript programmers?000
What is Event Ring?000
Does the node run in windows?000
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