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What is the use of slack web apis -Slack000
what does it mean by modulation of a signal?101
what is turing thesis?101
how does a balance modulator work?101
what is narrow band frequency modulation?101
what is wideband frequency modulation?101
what is emphasis and deemphasis ?101
what is the use of registers w and z in microprocessor 8085?101
what is a turing machine?101
does the sun produces sound?101
which is the strongest force in the universe?101
how to find the 9s complement of a number?101
what are constellation?101
why ocean appears blue in color?101
why sun appears red in the morning and evening?101
Distinguish between Proprietary/Closed source software and Open source software.001
Whats a Negative Index?003
How memory is managed in Python?003
What are the supported datatypes in Python?003
What are the construct() and destruct() methods in a PHP class?001
What is the difference between GET and POST?002
What are the main error types in PHP and how do they differ?001
What is a function call or a callable object in python?001
What is the index in python?001
What is %s in python?002
How to find bugs or perform static analysis in a python applications?001
What are the built-in types available in python?001
what are the key features of python?001
What is the definition of syntax error?001
Define ecology001
Solve the following Maths problems:001
MATHS: A shopkeeper bought a cycle for Rs. 3000/- and sold the same for Rs. 3400/-. How much was his profit?001
What is the SONAR system based on? Give examples.101
How does a bat find its way in the dark?101
What is oscillation in sound?101
How does ozone layer get depleted and what it will get converted into once it is depleted?101
What are the disadvantages in cloud computing that led to the invention of fog computing?101
How is Wamp Server different from xampp and which one is easier to operate on?101
How to add layers and shift their positions and merge them in photoshop CS6101
How to easily remove all the background of a person or anything on photoshop?101
how is object oriented programming carried out in python?101
What exactly are objects in java and how they can be used? How will the programming be without objects and why were the objects even invented?101
What is database mysql and nosql? How is MySql different from no Sql. and which one is better to choose and why?101
What is tcp connection wireless? how to initialize wireless tcp connection on a simulator?104
What are SSL ceritificates and how do they contribute in security? What are encryption certificates?103
What is the difference between monolithic, hybrid and micro kernel ?101
What is Wordpress ? 104
how to manually make a slideable images div in java Script? What is Java script slideable images?101
What is java spring boot? What is the difference between Spring boot and Spring MVC?101
What is Java spring MVC? Explain In brief and help with diagrams how a spring framework works.101
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