We are little diffrent here is how

Open notes: Collection of notes from different branches of education contributed by community

Ask a question:If you want to get answer for a specific question then you can use this but tag related users with the question so that they will be able to help you to find answers For example: what is dbms

How eduladder works?

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Our technologies

Question and answers:- Where every question is asked and answered by community and the best question and answers are voted up so the visitors will get the best answers.

Voice APIs:- Every question and answers have voice APIs by pressing the listen to this question button user will be able to listen to the content which helps students from different background.

Algorithm driven video delivery: Every video from our database is delivered against the content which students are browsing with the help of our proprietary algorithm.

Eduladder career: We have a robust ATS developed on the top of famous open source ATS called open cats the APIs which we have built on the top of the same will deliver the best and suitable job to the visitor who is browsing in our platform.

Real-time chat: We have an extensive amount of geeks behind the scene they are helping you to solve every problem you are facing real-time

Open-source project: Open source is very very important for us that's why we are contributing to open-source development as well. You can figure out and contribute to our open source project on our git hub repo.

About Us

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Use cases

Presidency university

Students from Presidency university are decided to work with eduladder and decided to use eduladder in there every day academic life

The result was interesting the academic performance, as well as the career direction for the students from Presidency University, has increased considerably They said they have learned thinks just apart from academics and also technical

Dayananda Sagar University

Students from Dayananda Sagar University is decided to work with eduladder and decided to use eduladder in there every day academic life

I was never knowing that I can fast up my learning in such a way and increase my technical capability like this - Amog A student from Dayananda Sagar university