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Refractive index -Physics

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This video is talking about refractive index

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DateJan 22, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Calculate the radius of curvature of an equi-concave lens of refractive index 1.5, when it is kept in a medium of refractive index 1.4, to have a power of -5D ?

An equilateral glass prism has a refractive index 1.6 in air. Calculate the angle of minimum deviation of the prism, when kept in a medium of refractive index 4 (2)1/2/5.

What is refractive index? -CBSE Physics

The refractive index of diamond is 2.42. What is the meaning of this statement? -CBSE Physics

Refractive index of media A, B, C and D are - CBSE physics class 10

With respect to air the refractive indices of water and benzene are 1.33 and 1.50 respectively. Calculate the refractive index of benzene with respect to water. -2005 CBSE Physic class 10

A glass lens is dipped in a trough of liquid having the same refractive index as that of the glass. How would the glass lens appear ? (Physics CBSE 2018)

Light enters from air to glass having refractive index 1.50. What is the speed of light in the glass? The speed of light in vacuum is 3 × 108 m/s. -CBSE Physics

A ray of monochromatic light is incident on one face of an equilateral prism at an angle equal to 3/4th of the angle of the prism(Physics CBSE 2018)

A plano-convex lens is made of glass of refractive index 1.5. The radius of curvature of its convex surface isR. Its focal length is

Which one of the following is NOT an intensive property? (-Gate metallurgical engineering 2014)

State the laws of refraction of light. Explain the term ‘absolute refractive index of a medium’ and write an expression to relate it with the speed of light in vacuum.

Which is the best physics book to study quantum physics?

Explain density of states (qualitative only) Fermi–Dirac Statistics-engineering physics?-engineering physics

The increase order of the refractive index of certain materiel is ________

A converging beam of light travelling in air converges at a point P as shown in the figure. When a glass sphere of refractive index 1.5 is introduced in between the path of the beam, calculate the new position of the image. Also draw the ray diagram for the image formed.

What is meant by Potential difference?-CBSE Physics

The absolute refractive indices of glass and water are 4/3 and 3/2 , respectively. If the speed of light in glass is 2 × 10 8 m/s, calculate the speed of light in. CBSE- class10- Science 2015

Is quantum physics helpful in making quantum computers?-engineering physics

A point ‘O’ marked on the surface of a glass sphere of diameter 20 cm is viewed through glass from the position directly opposite to the point O. If the refractive index of the glass is 1.5, find the position of the images formed. Also, draw the ray diagram for the formation of the image.

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Refractive index -Physics