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Derivatives of composite functions

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Boron fibres E=380GPa are made into a composite with aluminium matrix E=60GPa. What is the modulus of the composite parallel the fibre axis if the composite has 60 fibres?

A unidirectionally aligned carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite is loaded as shown in the figure. The volume fraction of the fibre is 0.6. The Young’s modulus of the composite is ____________ GPa.

Which of the following is correct about first and second derivatives at points P, Q and R for f(x) = sin(x) shown below?

A slender rod of length L, diameter d ( L >>d ) and thermal conductivity 1 k is joined with another rod of identical dimensions, but of thermal conductivity 2 k , to form a composite cylindrical rod of length 2L . The heat transfer in radial direction and contact resistance are negligible. The effective thermal conductivity of the composite rod is

A continuous and aligned carbon-fiber composite consists of 25 vol. % of fibers in an epoxy matrix. The Young’s modulus of fiber and matrix, respectively are Ef = 250 GPa and Em = 2.5 GPa. If the composite is subjected to longitudinal loading (iso-strain condition and assuming elastic response), the fraction of load borne by the reinforcement is ________ (to two decimal places) . Gate-2018-General-Aptitude

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The number which is neither prime nor composite is

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What's a typical use case for anonymous functions?

L et N be the set of natural numbers. Consider the following sets. P: Set of Rational numbers (positive and negative) Q: Set of functions from {0, 1} to N R: Set of functions from N to {0, 1} S: Set of finite subsets of N. Which of the sets above are countable?

Consider the following functions from positives integers to real numbers 10, √n, n, log2n, 100/n. The CORRECT arrangement of the above functions in increasing order of asymptotic complexity is: -gate computer science 2017

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Derivatives of composite functions