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Consider a vector 𝒑 in 2-dimensional space. Let its direction (counter- clockwise angle with the positive 𝒙-axis) be 𝜽. Let 𝒑 be an eigenvector of a 𝟐 Γ— 𝟐 matrix 𝑨 with corresponding eigenvalue 𝝀, 𝝀 > 𝟎. If we denote the magnitude of a vector 𝒗 by ‖𝒗‖, identify the VALID statement regarding 𝒑′, where 𝒑 β€² = 𝑨𝒑.

If a line makes angles 90Β°, 135Β°, 45Β° with the x, y, and z axes respectively, find its direction cosines.

Choose the correct answer: Direction of the rising sun us used for finding a) Direction towards East b) Direction towards North c) Direction towards West d) Direction towards South -NCERT CBSE CLASS 6TH SCIENCE 2016

If the angle between the lines whose direction ratios are <2, -1, 2> and is Ο€/4, then the smaller value of x is

Define direction and brief about the main five requirements of effective direction Jun12.

T he bending length of a nonwoven fabric in machine direction is two times the bending length in cross-machine direction. The ratio of flexural rigidities of this fabric in machine direction to cross-machine direction is ______________

A line passes through the points (6, -7, -1) and (2, -3, 1). What are the direction ratios of the line?

I n a p-n junction diode at equilibrium, which one of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

Direction: Consider the following for the next three (03) items: ABCD is a quadrilateral with AB = 9 cm, BC = 40 cm, CD = 28 cm, DA = 15 cm and angle ABC is a right – angel 4. What is the area of triangle ADC? A. 126 CM2 B. 124 CM2 C. 122 CM2 D. 120 CM2 Direction: C

The equation of a straight line which cuts off an intercept of 5 units on the negative direction of the y-axis and makes an angle 120⁰ with the positive direction of the x-axis is

A particle is moving in a straight line. Is it possible for it to maintain the motion in the same direction while the acceleration is in the reverse direction. Physics CBSE class 11

For uniform circular motion, does the direction of centripital force depend only on sense of rotation i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise direction? -Physics Cbse class 11

A plane P passes through the line of intersection of the planes 2x - y + 3z = 2, x + y - z =1 and the point (1, 0, 1). What are the direction ratios of the line of intersection of the given planes?

In case a hinged support the reaction

The sum of the direction cosines of Z-axis is

Why does a current carrying conductor kept in a magnetic field experience force? what factors does the direction of this force depend? Name and state the rule used for determination of direction of this force. -CBSE physics class 10

A straight line passes through (1, -2, 3) and perpendicular to the plane 2x + 3y - z = 7.

If cos a, cos B, cos y be the direction β€” cosines of a line, then sin? a + sin? 8 + sin? y=

State which of the following situations are possible and give an example for each of these: (a) An object with a constant acceleration but with zero velocity. (b) An object moving in a certain direction with an acceleration in the perpendicular direction. - Physics Cbse class 11

A closed-loop control system is stable if the Nyquist plot of the corresponding open-loop transfer function .Gate-2016

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