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Magnetic Field -Physic

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This video is talking about magnetic field 

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DateJan 19, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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What are magnetic field lines ? How is the direction of a magnetic field at a point determiend ? -2005 CBSE Physic class 10

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Write one application of magnetic field of current carrying solenoid. 2009 CBSE Physic class 10

What is the direction of magnetic field at the centre of a current carrying circular loop ? -2007 CBSE Physic class 10

In a region with magnetic declination of 2o E, the magnetic Fore bearing (FB) of a line AB was measured as N79o 50 E. There was local attraction at A. To determine the correct magnetic bearing of the line, a point O was selected at which there was no local attraction. The magnetic FB of line AO and OA were observed to be S52o 40E and N50o 20W, respectively. What is the true FB of line AB? - gate civil 2017

Describe an activity to demonstrate the direction of the magnetic field generated around a current carrying conductor - 2007 CBSE Physic class 10

The deviation in the geographical locations of the magnetic poles from the geomagnetic poles of the Earth’s magnetic field is due to the -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017

The most sensitive instrument for magnetic survey is GATE-Geology and Geophysics-Question-2012

Draw the pattern of magnetic field lines of a current carrying solenoid. What does the pattern of field lines inside the solenoid indicate? -2009 CBSE Physic class 10

An electron and a proton are moving on straight parallel paths with same velocity. They enter a semi-infinite region of uniform magnetic field perpendicular to be velocity. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? - jee main 2012 physics

Sketch magnetic field lines arround a current carrying straight conductor. -CBSE physics class 10

What are magnetic disks?

A magnetic disks tracks are divided into smaller parts called:

Unlike a transistor, magnetic disk can store data without a continuous source of:

Why does a current carrying conductor kept in a magnetic field experience force? what factors does the direction of this force depend? Name and state the rule used for determination of direction of this force. -CBSE physics class 10

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Magnetic Field -Physic