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Increase and decrease functions of an open interval

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Increase and decrease functions of the open interval 

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Type-I errors in statistical tests represent false positives, where a true null hypothesis is falsely rejected. Type-II errors represent false negatives where we fail to reject a false null hypothesis. For a given experimental system, increasing sample size will (A) decrease both Type-I and Type-II errors (B) decrease Type-I and increase Type-II errors (C) increase both Type-I and Type-II errors (D) increase Type-I and decrease Type-II errors

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Consider the following statements: 1. The functional f(x) = sin x decreases on the interval (0, π/2). 2. The function f(x) = cos x increases on the interval (0, π/2) Which of the above statements is/are correct?

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Increase and decrease functions of an open interval