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Algebra of continuous functions

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Given Sara’s age today to be y years. Think of her age in the future or in the past. What will the following expression indicate? y + 7,y – 3,y +4 1/2,y – 2 1/2.-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra

Let C([0, 1]) be the real vector space of all continuous real valued functions on [0, 1], and let T be the linear operator on C([0, 1]) given by (Gate 2018 engineering mathematics)

Which one is correct in respect of the given function?

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Stock exchange acts as a regulator of the securities market. It creates a continuous market where the securities are bought and sold. It gives investors the chance to disinvest and reinvest. Through this process of disinvestment and reinvestment, savings get channelized into their most productive investment avenues. To ensure that the investing public gets a safe and fair deal in the market, the membership of the stock exchange is well regulated and its dealings are well defined according to the existing legal framework. It also ensures wider share of ownership by regulating new issues, better trading practices and taking effective steps in educating the public about investments.

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The fundamental theorem of algebra

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Consider the following statements : 1. The function f(x) = ∛x is continuous at all x except at x = 0 2. The function f(x) = [x] is continuous at x=2.99 where [.] is the bracket function Which of the above statement is are correct ?

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Algebra of continuous functions