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International trade tourism

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This topic is from NCERT Class 10 Chapter 7 - Lifelines of national economy. international trade commission, international trade administration, international trade center, international trade articles.

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DateJul 29, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Drug addicts in some countries form small groups, the customs of which may be unknown to outsiders. They often speak a language that is so full of expressions and words created by themselves that their speech has become unintelligible to those that are not living, or in some way associated, with them. It is amazing to find that, to understand some of today's so-called pop music, one requires some acquaintance with the peculiar language of those enslaved to drugs. A great part of the vocabulary is international with a preponderance of American terms or corruptions of these. This makes it easy for those in search of drug in a country not their own to communicate with those that have some to dispose of.

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