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Botany Two true-breeding snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) plants, one with red flowers and another with white flowers were crossed. The F1 plants were all with pink flowers. When the F1 plants were selfed, they produced three kinds of F2 plants with red, pink and white flowers in a 1:2:1 ratio. The probability that out of the five plants picked up randomly, two would be with pink flowers, two with white flowers and one with red flowers is _____%.

Replace the bold portion by choosing the phrase from the given alternatives that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence.

What is an information system What are the classifications of information systems?

The rains are called after flowering plants because (ENGLISH-CBSE-12-2018)

Botany In garden pea, dwarf plants with terminal flowers are recessive to tall plants with axial flowers. A true-breeding tall plant with axial flowers was crossed with a true-breeding dwarf plant with terminal flowers. The resulting F1 plants were testcrossed, and the following progeny were obtained: Tall plants with axial flowers = 320 Dwarf plants with terminal flowers = 318 Tall plants with terminal flowers = 79 Dwarf plants with axial flowers = 83

Which one of the following is an appropriate description of mangrove plants?

The term binomial nomenclature refers to the (NIFT)

Consider the following plants: 1. Cycas 2. Date Palm 3. Pinus Which of the above is/are flowering plants?

Which of the following plants have you seen? of those that you have seen, which one have flowers?(Science-Ncert class 6)

Which gas is evolved during photosynthesis in plants?

A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding pea plants bearing violet flowers with pea plants bearing white flowers. What will be the result in F1 progeny ?

Why do some plants have parasitic roots?- Science-Cbse- Class 6th- 2017

W hich of the following is NOT typically a characteristic of early successional pioneer plants relative to late successional plants in a tropical rain forest?

Replace the bold portion by choosing the phrase from the given alternatives that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence.

When a flood comes short paddy plants are died but long paddy plants are survived. What do we call this effect? -biology cbse class 10

In the following food chain, 20,000 J of energy was available to the plants. How much energy would be available to man in this chain ? Chemistry CBSE class 10

Which is the best reason why understanding global warming so important?

Name the plant Mendel used for his experiment. What type of progeny was obtained by Mendel in F, and F2 generations when he crossed the tall and short plants? Write the ratio he obtained in F2 generation plants

Name any two steps that government has taken to conserve plants and animals. CBSE-geography-class-8

Plant weight is determined by a pair of alleles at each of the two independently assorting loci (Aa and Bb) that are additive and equal in their effects. The recessive alleles do not contribute towards plant weight. Plants with genotype aa bb are 1 g in weight, whereas plants with genotype AA BB weigh 3.4 g. Plant with genotype aa bb is crossed with a plant of genotype AA BB. The weight (in g, round off to one decimal place) of an individual plant in F1 progeny of this cross would be_________

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