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Consumer rights

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What all are the rights of a consumer?

State two consumer rights which will help you to get justice when cheated. (HOME-SCIENCE-CBSE-2018)

Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a special feature of Fundamental Rights in India?

Explain any four steps taken by the government to control price rise. -CBSE Economics

If any damage is done to a consumer by a trader, under which consumer right one can move to consumer court to get compensation. -CBSE Economics

What is meant by a consumer as per the provisions of Consumer Protection Act, 1986? -CBSE business studies 2016 class 11

A Consumer consumes only two goods X and Y. Marginal utilities of X and Y is 4 and 5 respectively. The prices of X and Y are Rs 4 per unit and Rs 5 per unit respectively. Is the consumer in equilibrium? What will be the further reaction of the consumer? Explain. - CBSE Class 12 Economics 2016

The 'Beijing Declaration' is concerned with which one of the following issues? A. Rights of children B. Rights of women C. Right to development D. Reduction of tariffs

What are the basic rights of citizens for exercising voting rights? -civics-class 10-cbse

What is producer consumer problem Explain the solution for producer consumer problem with a program?

Analyse the importance of the three- tier judicial machinery under Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), 1986 for redressal of consumer disputes - CBSE Economics

Give the constitution of the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. -business-studies-2018

Answer all the following questions within the word limits indicated in the brackets at the end of the questions:

‘VOICE’ is an important consumer organization. It organized workshops in the months of December in Delhi/NCR for consumers. The theme was ‘Organic Food – From Farm to Plate’, to spread awareness on the importance of organic farming and to encourage consumers to switch from conventional food, that contains chemicals and pesticides to organic food. Expert speakers from farmers’ community explained the harmful effects of usage of pesticides in farming and the importance of organic food. People were informed that the organization regularly tests samples to detect adulteration like presence of heavy metals or pesticides. The results of the tests are published in their monthly magazine ‘Consumer Voice’ to make people aware of quality of different products. It also provides aid and legal advice to the consumers in seeking a remedy.

What is a budget set of a consumer?

The cheapest method of marketing of securities with the only cost incurred being on sending 'letters of rights' to existing holders is

What is Cultural and educational rights - CBSE class 8 civics

In the context of India, which one of the following is the correct relationship between Rights and Duties?

State any three functions performed by non-governmental organisations for consumer protection. -CBSE business studies 2016 class 11

State the consumer right which Manuj exercised. -CBSE business studies 2016 class 11

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