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Electric fields and electrical field lines -Physics

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This video is talking about electric fields ad electric field lines

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DateJan 18, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Draw the pattern of electric field lines, when a point charge - Q is kept near an uncharged conducting plate.

In what orientation is an electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field in stable equilibrium ? (Physics CBSE 2018)

An electric charge in uniform motion produces

Draw magnetic field lines produced around a current carrying straight conductor passing through a cardboard. Name, state and apply the rule to mark the direction of these field lines.

The electric and magnetic fields for a TEM wave of frequency 14 GHz -gate-ece-2011

An electric field E⃗ = E0 ẑis applied to a Hydrogen atom in n = 2 excited state. Ignoring spin, the n = 2 state is fourfold degenerate, which in the |l, m⟩ basis are given by |0,0〉, |1,1⟩, |1,0⟩ and |1, −1⟩. If H′ is the interaction Hamiltonian corresponding to the applied electric field, which of the following matrix elements is nonzero?

Consider an electric field E = E0 * X, where E0 is a constant. The flux through the shaded area (as shown in the figure) due to this field is - jee main 2012 physics

An abrupt pn junction (located at x = 0) is uniformly doped on both p and n sides. The width of the depletion region is W and the electric field variation in the x-direction is E(x). Which of the following figures represents the electric field profile near the pn junction?

Draw the pattern of magnetic field lines of a current carrying solenoid. What does the pattern of field lines inside the solenoid indicate? -2009 CBSE Physic class 10

Drift current in the semiconductors depends upon -gate-ece-2011

The electron emission method used in vacuum tube is

Sketch magnetic field lines arround a current carrying straight conductor. -CBSE physics class 10

What are magnetic field lines ? How is the direction of a magnetic field at a point determiend ? -2005 CBSE Physic class 10

An electric charge in uniform motion produces

A household uses the following electric appliances -CBSE physics class 10

An electromagnetic plane wave is propagating with an intensity 𝐼=1.0×105 Wm–2 in a medium with 𝜖=3𝜖0 and 𝜇=𝜇0. The amplitude of the electric field inside the medium is ________ ×103 Vm–1 (up to one decimal place). (𝜖0= 8.85×10−12 C2 N–1 m–2, 𝜇0=4𝜋×10−7NA–2, 𝑐 = 3×108 ms–1)

Draw two field lines around a bar magnet along its length on its two sides and mark the field directions on them by arrow marks. -2005 CBSE Physic class 10

Why are coils of electric toasters and electric irons made of an alloy rather than a pure metal? -CBSE Physics

List any three properties of magnetic field lines. -2005 CBSE Physic class 10

Using the concept of free electrons in a conductor, derive the expression for the conductivity of a wire in terms of number density and relaxation time. Hence obtain the relation between current density and the applied electric field E. (Physics CBSE 2018)

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Electric fields and electrical field lines -Physics