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Which of the following are geometric series?

geometric progression

What is highway geometric design?

Which of the following has geometric feature? (a) Shell (b) Flower (c) Leaf (d) Feather (NIFT-UG)

If x₁ and x₂ are positive quantities, then the condition for the difference between the arithmetic mean and the geometric mean to be greater than 1 is

Sum of the series 5, 10, 15, ..........., 500 is __________________. Gate-2018-General-Aptitude

Explain the geometric method of measuring price elasticity of supply. Use diagram.

(Gate 2018 engineering mathematics) The geometric multi- plicity of the largest eigenvalue of A equals .

Let X1 and X2 be independent geometric random variables with the same probability mass function given by P(X = k) = p(1 − p) k−1 , k = 1, 2, . . .. Then the value of P(X1 = 2|X1 + X2 = 4) correct up to three decimal places is (Gate 2018 engineering mathematics))

The harmonic mean H of two numbers is 4 and the arithmetic mean A and geometric mean G satisfy the equation 2A+G2=27. The two numbers are

In the following passage at certain points you are given a choice of three words marked (a), (b) and (c), one of which fits the meaning of the passage. Choose the best word out of the three. Mark the litter, viz., (a) , (b) or (c), relating to this word. The crow is a familiar bird. Everybody must have seen one. With their cawing the crows wake us up early in the morning. The cawing of the crows is very ______(42). They seem to know a lot ____(43) about men. They know that men throw _____(44) much rubbish which is food for _____(45) them, so they are very watchful. They _____(46) around to pick up worms and _____(47). They van get very bold, so _____(48) when they come close to your _____(49) if you have any food to _____(50) them. They have sharp eyes to _____(51) their cunningness. They are also very _____(52) and will come into the house _____(53) snatch up food. In summer they _____(54) fly about with their pointed breaks _____(55) in search of water. They quench their _____(56) at public baths or on the ____(57) of rivers. It is wonderful to _____(58) them washing themselves in the small ponds, _____ (59) noisily. They are fond of sitting _____(60) on the backs of buffaloes in the shade of trees. They present a beautiful sight when, in the evenings, they return to their nests in thrilling geometric formations

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