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Speed Vs velocity - Physics

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In at this video we are doing a comparative study between speed and velocity

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DateDec 27, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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Distinguish between speed and velocity. - Physics Cbse class 11

A spaceship is travelling with a velocity of 0.7c away from a space station. The spaceship ejects a probe with a velocity 0.59c opposite to its own velocity. A person in the space station would see the probe moving at a speed Xc, where the value of X is ________ (up to three decimal places)

Under what condition(s) is the magnitude of average velocity of an object equal to its average speed? - Physics Cbse class 11

Define and state the difference between Phase velocity and group velocity. engineering physics

Give the Relation between phase velocity and group velocity.-engineering physics

Give the relation between group velocity and particle velocity.engineering physics

The ratio of flight speed to the exhaust velocity for maximum propulsion efficiency is GATE-Aerospace Engineering-Question-2012

A hoop of radius r and mass m rotating with an angular velocity ω0 is placed on a rough horizontal surface. The initial velocity of the centre of the hoop is zero. What will be the velocity of the centre of the hoop when it ceases to slip ? - physics 2013

(Gate 2018 Mechanical engineering)For a Pelton wheel with a given water jet velocity, the maximum output power from the Pelton wheel is obtained when the ratio of the bucket speed to the water jet speed is _______ (correct to two decimal places).

At 30°N and 700 hPa pressure level, wind field is in gradient balance. If the gradient wind speed is 50 m s–1 and radius of curvature of the flow is 50 km, the corresponding geostrophic wind speed is __________ m s–1. (Give the answer to one decimal place.) Take the angular velocity of the Earth as 7.3x10–5 s–1

A police car with a siren of frequency 8 kHz is moving with uniform velocity 36 km/hr towards a tall building which reflects the sound waves. The speed of sound in air is 320 m/s. The frequency of the siren heard by the car driver is - jee main 2012 physics

A wheel 0.5 m in radius is moving with a speed of 12 m/s. Find its angular speed. -Physics Cbse class 11

The relative velocity of air leaving a straight radial impeller of a centrifugal compressor is 100 m/s. If the impeller tip speed is 200 m/s, for a slip free operation, the absolute velocity (in m/s) at the impeller exit is _________ (accurate to one decimal place). (GATE-Aerospace-Engineering-2018)

Which of the following statements is TRUE for the relation between discharge velocity and seepage velocity? - gate civil 2017

The rate of change of the position of an object with time in any direction is known as (NIFT)

The kinetic energy of an object of mass, m moving with a velocity of 5 ms-1 is 25 J. What will be its kinetic energy when its velocity is doubled? What will be its kinetic energy when its velocity is increased three times? - Physics Cbse class 11

Light enters from air to glass having refractive index 1.50. What is the speed of light in the glass? The speed of light in vacuum is 3 × 108 m/s. -CBSE Physics

Abdul, while driving to school, computes the average speed for his trip to be 20 km h-1. On his return trip along the same route, there is less traffic and the average speed is 30 km h-1. What is the average speed for Abduls trip? - Physics Cbse class 11

What is thermal velocity? and give its equation.-engineering physics

A boat is rowed downstream at speed of 15.5 km/hr and upstream at speed of 8.5 km the speed of stream is

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Speed Vs velocity - Physics