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What is velocity - Physics

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This is a physics subject video In at this video, we are talking about what is velocity and how it is working?

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DateDec 27, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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Define and state the difference between Phase velocity and group velocity. engineering physics

Give the relation between group velocity and particle velocity.engineering physics

Give the Relation between phase velocity and group velocity.-engineering physics

A hoop of radius r and mass m rotating with an angular velocity ω0 is placed on a rough horizontal surface. The initial velocity of the centre of the hoop is zero. What will be the velocity of the centre of the hoop when it ceases to slip ? - physics 2013

Which of the following statements is TRUE for the relation between discharge velocity and seepage velocity? - gate civil 2017

The pressure and velocity at the throat of a Venturi tube, measuring the flow of a liquid, are related to the upstream pressure and velocity, respectively, as follows: GATE-Instrumentation-Engineering-2014

The kinetic energy of an object of mass, m moving with a velocity of 5 ms-1 is 25 J. What will be its kinetic energy when its velocity is doubled? What will be its kinetic energy when its velocity is increased three times? - Physics Cbse class 11

Distinguish between speed and velocity. - Physics Cbse class 11

How to calculate velocity?

What is thermal velocity? and give its equation.-engineering physics

Two objects of masses 100 g and 200 g are moving along the same line and direction with velocities of 2 m s-1 and 1 m s-1, respectively. They collide and after the collision, the first object moves at a velocity of 1.67 m s-1. Determine the velocity of the second object. - Physics Cbse class 11

An electron and a proton are moving on straight parallel paths with same velocity. They enter a semi-infinite region of uniform magnetic field perpendicular to be velocity. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? - jee main 2012 physics

Two objects, each of mass 1.5 kg are moving in the same straight line but in opposite directions. The velocity of each object is 2.5 m s-1 before the collision during which they stick together. What will be the velocity of the combined object after collision? - Physics Cbse class 11

An object experiences a net zero external unbalanced force. Is it possible for the object to be travelling with a non-zero velocity? If yes, state the conditions that must be placed on the magnitude and direction of the velocity. If no, provide a reason. - Physics Cbse class 11

For an incompressible flow through a pipe of constant diameter in the fully developed region the mean velocity ios constant. What about the mean velocity in developing region?

A ball is gently dropped from a height of 20 m. If its velocity increases uniformly at the rate of 10 ms-2, with what velocity will it strike the ground? After what time will it strike the ground? - Physics Cbse class 11

A trolley, while going down an inclined plane, has an acceleration of 2 cm s-2. What will be its velocity 3 s after the start? - Physics Cbse class 11

What is drift velocity?-engineering physics

A projectile is fired at an angle θo with intial velocity vo. Show that its trajectory is parabolic -Physics Cbse class 11

Define the terms elastic and inelastic collisions Physics Cbse class 11

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What is velocity - Physics
What is velocity - Physics