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What is center of mass and how to find it out - Physics

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This is a physics subject video In at this video, the author is describing what is the center of mass and how to findΒ it out?

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DateDec 24, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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A uniform circular disc of mass π‘š and radius 𝑅 is rotating with angular speed πœ” about an axis passing through its center and making an angle πœƒ=30∘ with the axis of the disc. If the kinetic energy of the disc is π›Όπ‘šπœ”2𝑅2, the value of 𝛼 is ________ (up to 2 decimal places).

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Mass transfer coefficient for equimolar counter-diffusion of water vapour in air is 0.4 m s^-1(based on concentration difference). Mass diffusivity of water vapour in air is 3 Γ—10-4 m^2s^-1. For 100 Β΅m diameter droplet, the Sherwood Number (NSh) is

A mass-spring-dashpot system with mass m = 10 kg, spring constant k = 6250 N/m is excited by a harmonic excitation of 10 cos(25t) N. At the steady state, the vibration amplitude of the mass is 40 mm. The damping coefficient (c, in N.s/m) of the dashp

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What is center of mass and how to find it out - Physics